Brewers Blurb 6/28 Betancourt and the No. 7 spot + Poll

The Blurb gives credit where credit is due, and looking at the numbers for June I was shocked. Betancourt is batting .291 for June, although he only has a .291 OBP for the same time frame. For a 7 hole hitter that is a great batting average.

As Cory Provus pointed out... (Betancourt's batting average for each month in his carrer)

June- .255

July- .260

August- .283

September/October- .274

Additionally, his best home run month has been August (16).

Although Betancourt is a terrible fielder there is hope for him when he is batting for the rest of the year. He is the best option the Brewers have at shortstop. They really aren't in a position to get a shortstop much better than Betancourt (Unlike my dream trade of Fielder for Reyes). And the backups are at the best just that backups. (Betancourt WAR for June 0.3, Fielding -1.5, Josh WIlson WAR 0.2 Fielding 0.3, Craig Counsell WAR 0.1 Fielding 0.1)

Now I don't think Yuni B is going to hit .300 going forward. That doesn't mean he isn't going to hit better then his horrendous numbers to begin the season. Plus if you look at Lucroy's numbers this month I was shocked to find out that he is hitting .229 with a .276 OBP (That's Betancourt like) I don't have a problem with Lucroy hitting 8th (Now 9th with Gamel batting DH/1B this week

The Blurb of the day is: Going forward Betancourt should be the No 7 hitter until Lucroy gets hot or Betancourt goes ice cold (like he was in May). He should also be replaced in the 8th or 9th inning for better defense when you can't afford an error.

Minor League Stars of the Day

Pitcher: Frankie De La Cruz (AAA, SP) Cruz pitched 6 innings giving up 7 hits and 2 runs. Both runs where given up in the 2nd inning. In the 4th with a tie game and runners on 1st and 3rd and one out De La Cruz got out of a jam striking out Sam West (the pitcher) on a foul bunt, and forcing the next batter to a ground out. In the 5th the game was still tied and New Orleans had runners on 1st and 3rd again but this time with two outs but De La Cruz got the batter to ground into a forceout.

Honorable Mention: Danny Ray Herrera (AAA, RP): Pitched 2 scoreless innings of relief giving up 2 hits striking out 2 with no walks

Position Player: Caleb Gindl (AAA, CF) Gindl singled off the first pitch in the 2nd and was stranded on 3rd, then he drove in Farris to the tie game at 2 with a double in the 3rd, walked in the 5th, flied out in the 8th. In the 7th with the game still in reach for New Orleans after Almonte stole 2nd, and reached 3rd on a passed ball singled Almonte in to streach the lead out to 4-2. Nashville never looked back

What do you think of the Blurb? Feedback is always appreciated.

As always I'm Brew Crew Ballin 4 evr

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