BCB Premier League Look Back/Ahead (Updated)

Noah's Traveling All-Stars (Yours Truly)
Vegetarian Donut Diet (thebrouhaha)
Mitch Stetter Moonbounce (brewjoles)
Sledgehammering Whippersnappers (acheron)
Trickle Down Fantasy (pjpaulus)
Misery Loves Company (sjlee)
Tomato Tabata (GoGregGo)
Miggy and the bottomofthe5th (Dikembe Meiztombo)
The MicroBrewers (brewcrewshrew)
Bourn Identity (brwrsfan39)

Look Back:

Noah's Traveling All-Stars (368.6) beat The Microbrewers (336.8)

Are the Microbrewers finally coming down to earth or are my All-Stars finally making their move to where they belong--the top of the standings?  Why can't it be both?  This is the Microbrewers second consecutive loss after starting the season undefeated and MY third straight win since starting the season winless.  Both teams' top scorers were kind of unexpected.  Brewcrewshrew got 43 points from Bartolo Colon and I got 44 points from Dillon Gee.  Justin Upton, David Ortiz and Eric Hosmer, thank you for being the only worthwhile offensive players I have.

Miseery Loves Company (384.6) beat Mitch Stetter Moonbounce (313.6)

Misery continues to roll.  After handing The Microbrewers their very first loss of the season last week, they beat the last-ranked Mitch Stetter Moonbounce this week.  Moonbounce had a chance going into the last day with the score 300-288 in Misery's favor, but an 84-26.5 daily loss shattered those dreams.

Miggy and the bottomofthefifth (439.5) beat Trickle Down Fantasy (422.9)

Trickle down pulled off a huge Sunday with 100+ points, but, alas, it was not enough to beat the surging Dikembe, who's only loss in the past four weeks has been to top ranked Misery.  If Wade Davis, Fausto Carmona and Zach Britton hadn't combined for -38 points, pjpaulus might have gotten a rare victory.

Bourn Identity (357.1) beat Tomato Tabata (297.7)

Bourn Identity was coming off a four game losing streak that started with a loss to TT in week 5.  They got their revenge this week with Tomato Tabata and last season's champ GoGregGo reeling on a four game losing streak of his own.  Both teams just haven't been looking good since their decent season beginnings.

Sledgehammering Whippersnappers (415.8) beat Vegetarian Donut Diet (344.3)

After losing to me last week, Whippersnappers regained some of their dignity by kicking Veggie's ass this week.  That's despite thebrouhaha getting 57 points from His Highness, Lord Pujols.  If Brett Anderson had a normal week, instead of a -23.2 week, Veggie might have been able to pull a win out. 

Powah Rankins

1. Misery Loves Company (8-1, even)
2. Miggy and the bottomofthefifth (6-3, up one)
3. Sledgehammering Whippersnappers (6-3, up one)
4. The Microbrewers (7-2, down two)
5. Noah's Traveling All-Stars (3-6, up two)
6. Tomato Tabata (4-5, up one)
7. Bourn Identity (3-6, up two)
8. Trickle Down Fantasy (3-6, down three)
9.  Vegetarian Donut Diet (3-6, down three)
10.Mitch Stetter Moonbounce (2-7, even)

This Weeks Matchups

Noah's Traveling All-Stars vs Miggy and the Bottomofthefifth

Mitch Stetter Moonbounce vs Tomato Tabata

The Microbrewers vs. Bourn Identity

Vegetarian Donut Diet vs Trickle Down Fantasy

And our matchup of the week:

Misery Loves Company vs Sledgehammering Whippersnappers:  #1 and #3 in the power rankings and the only matchup that features two winning teams.  Can the Whippersnappers hand Misery their first loss since week 4?  They're up by 33 points right now.

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