Looking at the Batting Splits: Home vs. Away

We're all tired of hearing about the home and road troubles.  However, it's a part of the team and it's not going to go away.  Tonight, I want to take a look at just the home and road splits for individual players.  I just want to know some simple facts.  Who are the biggest problems on the road, and who is not?

Get ready for a lot of stats to be thrown at you.  They will be shown after the jump.

Below are the slash lines for the majority of the Brewers batters.  I did exclude some batters based on sample sizes.  Here are the players I excluded:

- Pitchers (Greinke, Marcum, Wolf, Gallardo, Narveson, Estrada)
- Newer Bench Players (Wilson, Kottaras)

Here are the slash lines on everyone else.  Slash lines come from, differences were calculated personally.


Home .265/.298/.408/.706
Carlos Gomez Away .175/.243/.309/.552

Difference .090/.055/.099/.154

Home .231/.290/.327/.617
Casey McGehee Away .218/.262/.295/.557

Difference .013/.028/.032/.060

Home .293/.375/.565/.940
Corey Hart Away .240/.324/.375/.699

Difference .053/.051/.190/.241

Home .196/.339/.283/.622
Craig Counsell Away .205/.262/.205/.467

Difference -.009/.077/.078/.155

Home .361/.398/.608/1.006
Jonathan Lucroy Away .222/.271/.296/.567

Difference .139/.127/.312/.439

Home .270/.361/.333/.694
Mark Kotsay Away .194/.250/.224/.474

Difference .076/.111/.109/.220

Home .316/.339/.456/.795
Nyjer Morgan Away .338/.386/.508/.893

Difference -.022/-.047/-.052/-.098

Home .326/.450/.703/1.153
Prince Fielder Away .279/.392/.497/.889

Difference .047/.058/.206/.264

Home .301/.394/.516/.911
Rickie Weeks Away .267/.309/.455/.763

Difference .034/.085/.061/.148

Home .338/.431/.641/1.072
Ryan Braun Away .306/.375/.490/.865

Difference .032/.056/.151/.207

Home .295/.317/.439/.756
Yuniesky Betancourt Away .188/.205/.268/.474

Difference .107/.112/.171/.282


So, there's a lot to look at there.  Let's look at some highlights from the list.

- Nyjer Morgan is the ONLY player who has better stats on the road than at home.  The only other player who has any stat better on the road is Craig Counsell, who is slightly better in batting average on the road, but it's so small that it's essentially the same between road and home.

- Casey McGehee is only slightly worse on the road, but that's not saying much considering his slash line.

- Looking at everyone other than Morgan, Counsell, and McGehee, the remaining eight have batting averages at least 30 points lower on the road, on base percentage 50 points lower, slugging percentage 60 points lower, and OPS 140 points lower.

- The worst player on the road in terms of the biggest drop is Jonathan Lucroy.  Batting average drops 137 points, on-base percentage 127, slugging percentage 312, and OPS drops 439 points.

Basically, the biggest thing you can take from this is the following.  This team struggles at the plate on the road.  How do you fix it?  I don't know.  It's a tough problem to consider.  However, understanding the problem (in this case, the bad road performance) can be the first step to figuring out how to fix it.

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