BCB Fantasy Football COMING SOON!!! Post your thoughts/suggestions here.

The lockout is supposedly ending in the next couple days, so why not take this opportunity to gauge the interest in BCB Fantasy Football for the upcoming season.  Last year was a rousing success, with great participation, great banter, and phenomenal weekly writeups.  It was an absolute joy to participate in, and I want to thank all of you for it.  This year, I'm looking to make just as good, if not better, so here's where you come in. 

Let me know what improvements we can make.  The lone commish for the leagues seemed to work well, though I have no problem collaborating with others.  Ideally, I would keep the leagues to no bigger than 12 teams, and even all the way through so we can have meaningful power rankings.  The league will be hosted by Espin again, mostly because you can have up to 15 leagues on there.  Im thinking 4 point passing TDs to make the point disparity between QBs and other skill players lessened.  But again, a majority has to want this to make it so.  Standard points again for skill positions (1 pt for 25 yds passing, 1 pt for 10 yds rushing/receiving).  I'm looking for the optimal defensive scoring, so let me know what you think there as well.

So, if your interested, answer these questions:

lone commish or multiple commishes?

4 pt Pass TDs or 6 pt Pass TDs?

Hope Solo or Caroline Wozniaki?

Any ideas on Defensive scoring?

Abby Wambach or a rabid wolverine?

Which weekend for the drafts?

Let's get the ball rolling

Update: 14 Hours in, and we've got the following members in...

NoahJ, MrLeam, Tepo6688, Trippingandy, zorakathura, theBrouhaha, masondolo, MichaelM, Brew Town Boozer, tcyoung, Dikembe Meiztombo, LosinCatmansLove, Rondezvous, Olyknows, TAPMoney, Jarlbartar, DEFENDING CHAMP JEO, Ryan Smith, pjpaulus, icecreamman, drzden, and of course myself.  

A lot more time to make a decision on the questions at hand, and by the way, the correct answer to the Solo/Wozniaki question is Rory MacIlroy's ex Holly Sweeney.  

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