Brewers 4, Astros 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

This is my first attempt at putting up postgame quotes.  It is tougher than it seems, and between trying to decipher what RR is saying and writing it down as close to the actual quote as possible and not lose it's meaning is hard.  Kyle, new level of respect for you here today.

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On tonight's game:

I thought this was the ballgame, everything went well.  We didn't do much early offensively, later on we had some more opportunities to get some more runs.  Lopez, a nice first day, a couple of base hits, smoked a red hopper.  Prince, a couple of balls hit hard.  Casey drove the ball in right center.  Nyjer, nice at bat against a lefty.  There was a lot of good things that happened today.  Betancourt, I thought looked real good at shortstop today.  That was a nice ballgame.

On Jordan Lyles:

At 20 years old, to do what he does, that's impressive.  He commands the ball well, he knows when he throws the off-speed pitches, he's got a nice changeup, a nice breaking ball.  His ball-strike ratio was really outstanding, he got behind 3-0 counts on 4 guys.  He had it on Brauny, Prince, George, and somebody else too, but then he comes back and got all of them out.  So, he went 3-0 and got all of these guys out.

On getting Axford and K-Rod a day off:

That's important.  We had arranged where one of those guys was off today, and it worked out where both of them were off, which is better for us.

On Loe, Estrada, and Dillard:

Loe needed to throw.  We need to try to get in Dillard and Estrada so they don't go too many games without pitching, but when you win and you win a close ballgame, we'll take it the way it is.

On the starting pitching feeding off each other and the bullpen:

They do feed off each other.  We've got a nice little competition going between them, and that seems to be good for pushing the other guys.  The bullpen too, the bullpen's been outstanding, and everyone that comes in has been throwing the ball great.  Saito had another nice outing today.  On the pitching end, this is what we were doing when we were playing really well for that month.  This is how we were pitching.

On planning to rest Axford before the game:

That's what was going to happen.

On Hunter Pence being removed from the game because of the trade:

You hear the rumors, just like you guys, and as soon as we saw the guy running out there, I didn't hear anything else on it.

On the timing of Pence being removed from the game and how it affected the Astros:

It's certainly a weird feeling when it happens in the middle of the game, a guy has to run off the field, and one of their guys too.  He's certainly been one of their best offensive players, and when he comes off the field, it's probably not a good feeling with the players.  You're not just losing a good player, you're losing a guy you know and like.  That's really tough in the middle of the game.

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