UPDATED with Parks & Rec names: 8-1 Homestand means BCB FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM NAMING THREAD!!! (need 0, 6, 8 or 9 more... )

UPDATE: I need your emails for league invites.  send them to hyattff2003 AT yahooDOTcom. EVEN IF YOU'VE SENT ME YOUR EMAIL 4 YEARS RUNNING, I STILL NEED IT.  I expunge them all after seasons to protect your privacy.  You never know when a Nigerian princess is going to steal my computer and try and get YOU to send her money to help pay for the legal fees to get her inheritance out.

And REC this post so it doesn't go down the list

Gentlemen, IT. IS. TIME!!!!  The fun is coming, but first, some house keeping.

We've got enough people to fill 3 leagues, 10 teams, 3 separate commishes and write ups. if more want in, we can have a different structure... 4 more- 3 leagues, 12 teams, lone commish.  6 more- 3 leagues, 12 teams, 3 commishes. 9=8 more- 4 leagues, 10 teams, lone commish.

However many more people we get will be what we go with. Meiz, Noah, and LosingCatmansLove have expressed interest in commishing.  But if it is lone commish, the year will be filled with guest writeups, especially as we get close to December as the impending Baby Girl will be due.  So here's who's in so far:

NoahJ (dude, pick your favorite), MrLeam (Westie Anal Dialect) , Tepo6688 (Ya Get Forkstabbed), Trippingandy (Gary Glitter's U-16), zorakathura (I wanna Use Your Lovie Tonight), theBrouhaha (Paul Hubbard's Aiken Wang), masondolo (nothing approved yet), MichaelM (Josh Bidwell's One Testy Punter), Brew Town Boozer (I Just Called To Say Fuck You) , tcyoung (That's How You Get Grants), Dikembe Meiztombo (Hyatt's wife and my kids), LosinCatmansLove (Day Drinkin with Mike Vrabel), Rondezvous (nothing approved yet), Olyknows (nothing submitted), TAPMoney (Clay With My Balls), Jarlbartar (The Dongslingers), DEFENDING CHAMP JEO (Come On Hakeem) , Ryan Smith (Cutler's Sprained Vagina), pjpaulus (Armageddon Day), icecreamman (nothing Approved), drzden (nothing Submitted), -jp- (nothing approved, but definitely good stuff coming), nullacct (suh mack hawk), Zorakathura (I just want to use your lovie tonight), Officer Jim Lahey (nothing submitted), Fiesta (so many approved, pick your favorite), golfallday (nothing approved yet), Saltire (nothing submitted), cheezconqueso (I wanna Rex You Up), Yar Nevik (I Will Destroy Her), texwestern (puttin the team on my back doo!), schmita91 (earnest goes to kampman), doubleb440 (Tramon Eilene), TwoShoesMagooze (nothing submitted), and of course myself (Addai'd in your arms tonight). 

As for the decisions that needed to be made, I will act unilaterally and call it at 5 Point passing TDs.  Easy compromise.  Draft dates on the weekend of September 3rd and 4th are the majority rule. Defensive scoring will be standard.    And now for the MOST IMPORTANT PART... TEAM NAMES!!!

A lot of you have participated in my leagues before, so you are aware of the qualifications.  For you new people, here goes:

- A team name must be Funny and/or Offensive.  

- References to pop culture are encouraged as long as they have happened recently.  

- Puns are acceptable as long as they relate to FOOTBALL AND meet the first criterion.  

- Twists on 80s song titles are not only acceptable, but encouraged.

- Archer, Parks & Rec, and It's Always Sunny references are also looked upon VERY favorably.

- My wife has final say on anything that I deem questionable, if she laughs or smiles, it's in.

- I have final approval on any team name.

- Your team name MUST be approved by me.  And just so you know, I will not approve any Charlie Sheen sayings. It's lazy and not creative.

Here are some great examples from last year: Lawrence Taylor's After School Special, Chris Henry's Moving Truck, It's my Vick in a box, Rock Out with your Crocs Out, Steve Breastonplants, and last year's winner, Mark Chamura's Hot Tub Crime Machine.

If you need inspiration, here is the brilliant KSK Fantasy Team Name List. While I would prefer originality, being a plagiarizer of the masters is ok.

Not a lot of pop culture references last year, so let's get some Casey Anthony, Amy Winehouse, Japanese Tsunami/reactor meltdown, and maybe a Ryan Dunn reference going.

Have Fun with it!

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