BCB Fantasy Football: Getting Organized and Team naming (Have enough, but can take on 3 more)

We've got a bunch of approved team names already, with only 8 of our 34 guys without approved team names.  I will be creating a spreadsheet with emails I've received and team names so we can keep this a little more organized.  But here's where we're at so far.

At this point, we have 34 teams in.  If we are going to do 3 x 12 team leagues, we're good.  If we are doing 4x 10 team leagues, we need 3 more.  I would prefer the 10 team option. Now as fun as writing the reviews and previews are, I will have guest writers all year long, including Noah, Leam, Meiz, LosinCatmansLove, Yar if he wants, and anyone else who wants to take a week.  I'll do the power ranks for the year, but this seems like a fun thing to get various people giving their insights on each game.  It's not a small undertaking by any measure any week.  And with Baby Girl on the way, I think others stepping in will be wonderful.

As for team names, only a few haven't stopped in, but we have some great ones that can go to the floor and are approved.  My three team names are Addai'd in Your Arms Tonight, Cutler's Crate &
 Barrell Gift rcpt, and Cromartie presents 101 dalmations or Cromartie's Foster Kid Emporium or You had me at Meat Tornado, and lastly Terms of Enrampagement (or Citizen Dickbag, or CasaBlumpkin).

I have not decided who's going to be in what league, but just know it is all random and will have a great mix of people.  So here is what I need.  

I need emails from: trippingandy theBrouhaha  JP Officer Jim Lahey  Doubleb440

I need team names from:  Masondolo drzden Saltire TwoShoesMagooze golfallday Olyknows icecreamman JP Officer Jim Lahey

I have replied to every email I've received, so if you've sent me it and I didn't reply or you are on the list, let me know. Even if you have sent me the email a couple years in a row, please re-send with the subject of BCB Fantasy Football to hyattff2003 AT yahoo DOT com

Everyone is allowed to resubmit for team names, and you can check the previous thread for guidelines and ideas. Enjoy keeping it going.

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