The Hunt for Brew October

I often don't write many FanPosts, but I think this is a good time to start up again.  I've been a pretty avid listener of talk radio and pay attention to blogs.  One common theme that is struck is that the Brewers aren't beating the good teams and feasting mainly on the lower end.  I don't know why Milwaukee fans do this.  It is as if they don't want to give the team credit or are leveraging their expectations for failure.  I certainly hope not because we have a very special team this year.

Anyway, I took it upon myself to confirm or disprove my theory that the Brewers are actually playing well enough against the best in the NL.  I know we got a poor shake in Interleague, but thankfully we will get to see those teams in the World Series should that happen.  I looked at any team--in the current standings--that may have a shot at making it to the playoffs.  Teams with .500 records and are not more than 9 games out of their divisional race since the current wild card leader is ahead of both the other divisional leaders.

It may surprise you, it may not.  But if you take my hand, I can show you this wonderful world of very basic baseball analysis--if you want to call it that--after the jump!  (Click the link to get in the mood!)

Here already?  Turns down the MUSIC!!!!

The teams that qualify for what I see as post-season potentials are: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Arizona.  Each team has played around 28-34 games against the competition.  I did not break it down between home and road series, though maybe I will make a comment in the comments about how many of those games were played for each team.

So on to my gripe, the people who were saying that Milwaukee is abysmal against the best in the league.  "Who have they beat" naysayers!  Blah.  Here is a look at the teams compared to each other.


Milwaukee W L
Philadelphia 2 1
Atlanta 3 5
St. Louis 6 3
San Francisco 3 3
Arizona 3 4
Total 17 16 0.515
Philadelphia W L
Atlanta 6 6
St. Louis 2 3
Milwaukee 1 2
San Francisco 4 2
Arizona 1 2
Total 14 15 0.483
San Francisco W L
Philadelphia 2 4
Atlanta 0 3
St. Louis 5 2
Milwaukee 3 3
Arizona 8 4
Total 18 16 0.529
Atlanta W L
Philadelphia 6 6
St. Louis 1 2
Milwaukee 5 3
San Francisco 3 0
Arizona 0 2
15 13 0.536
St. Louis W L
Philadelphia 3 2
Atlanta 2 1
Milwaukee 3 6
San Francisco 2 5
Arizona 4 3
14 17 0.452
Arizona W L
Philadelphia 2 1
Atlanta 2 0
St. Louis 3 4
Milwaukee 4 3
San Francisco 4 8
15 16 0.484


I guess what you can take from this is that no one from the top tier teams really stands out.  Each team is roughly the same when it comes to playing against other top tier teams.  Take Philadelphia for example.  They have a losing record to only a few teams: Arizona, Milwaukee, and St. Louis, yet beat the piss out of the rest of the league.

The message I am trying to send is that even though we are beating some of the lower piss ant teams so far, we are also holding our own against the better National League teams.  Those teams are also beating the piss out of those lower tier teams as well.

I really don't have much more to say, but I would like to see what the stats guys think.  I think this proves my theory, but whatever if it doesn't!  If not, just enjoy the pretty chart.   MMMMM CHARTS MMMMMM!

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