BCB Fantasy Football HATE Thread

I was going through every single game last night seeing if there was any completed so I could write the review today.  Turns out, no.  Not a single game is completed.  Thank you two Monday night games.  Now I could post up every single game and show who has who left, but frankly, that's a lot of work and I haven't had my coffee yet.  Instead, I was inspired my post was this tweet from Meiz.  For those too lazy to click on a link, let me put the contents in a box for you.

I'll be giving out weekly fantasy football Fuck Yous this season.

In the spirit of this, I present to you the Fantasy Football HATE Thread.  This is where you can plainly lay out your Fuck Yous, various diseases (preferably with an animal modifyer), and ways of becoming not alive on your OWN players.  The reason for your own is because home is where the hate is.  I'm sure you could really hate the shit out of your own family if you were so inclined. 

I will start off since I have 3 teams of hating goodness. 

Swansons: Dear Ben.  I know you spent your off-season not raping, but for the love of god, look at where it got you.  I was hoping someone would throw a cheerleader in a bathroom stall with you at halftime just to get you back to normal.  5 turnovers?  Man, Tony Romo aspires to be you.  You do it again, I inject you with bird flu.  And Steven Jackson, you get one long run, and then have to go rest your vag on the sidelines? Man up. 

Kriegers: Mendenhall and Shonn Green:  Rashard, I'm going to give you a pass since your team was behind and everytime your QB touched the ball, it went to the other team.  But Shonn?  You can't get involved in a swing pass or two?  Seriously.  I like you both, but you do it again, and you'll get hit by a on-fire beer truck.

Archers: Hey Matt Ryan, when you are done looking like a golfer, would you mind waking up and start looking like a football player.  I know it was the Bears (thank you for the 21 points guys), but you could only find the end zone once?  That's unacceptable for an "elite" qb that you are trying to be.  Let's get some more hustle out there before I have to shank you with a fencepost.  Mike Thomas, thanks for the alright game, now you won't see the lineup as Steve Smith proved that maybe Cam Newton can get the ball to him.  Toodles.

Light week for hate, but that's probably because I'm only in trouble in one game.  Here's hoping for matching nagging hamstring injuries for Brenden Marshall and Wes Welker!

Spice up the hate below.  I'll have a review after the Raiders/Broncos game (do these guys play every year as the 2nd game on Monday night?).  And I'll actually watch it as Dipshit and Dipshit have been banished to the studio instead of ruining the play by play.

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