BCB Fantasy Football Preview Week 2

So here we are in week 2.  A lot of action going on during the week, so let's check out the games.

BCB Swansons

Jeo's Come On Hakeem V. Hyatt's You Had Me at Meat Tornado (Hyatt -6): First out, I'd like to thank Brew Town Boozer whose waiver claim of Caddilac was a nice little F*ck you to me after beating him last week.  It's not like I have steven jackson who strained his vag on the bench here.  Thanks buddy.  Also, I feel that line should be double digits.  Ben, who had a horrible game last week, is slated to do worse than Flacco.  Let's look at the facts.  Ben had the worst game of his life last week and will rebound.  He is also playing a west coast team at home with an early start time.  And this west coast team happens to be horrible at football.  So expect big weeks from your Steelers.

BrewTownBoozer's I Just Called To Say F*ck You V. Zorakathura's I Just Wanna Use Your Lovie Tonight (Zora -3): Last week, we didn't have a game finish until Monday Night, as every single matchup had a player playing.  This week is different, as this game will be decided in the Falcons/Eagles matchup.  As for the line, I see this being a pretty tight matchup, and actually, I like the Boozers to pull the upset.  No offense Zora, it's just I like Turner and Starks better than Beanie and Pierre.  And with that... BOOM. Jinxed.

TwoShooesMagooze's No More Kolb-bell V. MichaelM's Josh Bidwell is 1 testy Punter (Maggoze -10): I was curious about this line, and then life was all explained to me seeing Brandon Gibson in the lineup.  Yes, Amendola is out, but the targets are more likely going to a guy who Bradford is comfortable with like Kendricks, not a guy that spent the majority of the year in Spags' doghouse last year. 

Nullacct's Suh Mack Hawk v. MrLeam's Put Something Offensive There (Leam -3): Percy Harvin worries me this year.  McNabb is pretty much done.  In a week where the NFL set a record with 13 QBs over 300 yards, McNabb threw for 39.  He could triple his output, and still not be as good as Alex Smith.  That's bad.  And it will only get worse, which means poor numbers for Percy, Shiancoe, and by extension, AP.

doubleb440's Tramon Eileen v. TAPmoney's Clay With My Balls (TAP -20): This line has mostly to do with Marques Colston being out.  It'll come down once Johnny Knox is installed in doubleB's lineup.  Though I think most of Colston's targets will go to TAP's Devery Henderson.  Clay's RB Depth is really great, with 4 top 15 guys on his squad.  Someone will come out of this game 2-0, as it is the only matchup of teams who won last week in the Swansons.

AndrewHeidke's Orange Crush v. Officer Jim Lahey's King of the Rats (Andrew -6): Jim really needs A-rodg to continue to go nuts, because Jonathon Stewart is not very good at scoring fantasy points.  Also, Hakeem Nicks is having knee issues.  Being that he's the Monday Night game, Jim would have no recourse if he sat.  Someone will come out of this game 0-2, as it is the only matchup of teams who lost last week in the Swansons.

BCB Kriegers

Tepo6688's Using Your Head with James Harrison v. Hyatt's Cutler's Pottery Barn Gift Receipt (Tepo -7): I'll be honest, I have 2 dilemmas here.  Brandon Lloyd hasn't practiced all week, and I would have to replace him with either AJ Green or Devone Bess if he can't go.  Also, I have Colt McCoy v. Indy or Rivers v. New England.  Now Rivers may be a must start, but Indy is a team that is going in high gear for Andrew Luck.  Though NE did give up 416 yards to Chad Henne... Ugh, these are the times that try men's hearts.

Fiesta's Afterlife Aquatic with Bin Laden v. RyanSmith's Jay Cutler's Kneegina (Ryan -5): A couple interesting starts here.  Ryan has to start Plaxico due to injuries to Nicks and Colston, and Fiesta is starting Jordy Nelson because his bench is awful.  Having 4 crappy running backs on your bench is no way to go through life son.

Tcyoung's And That's How You Get Grants v. Icecreamman's Ice Cold Bruschis (Tim -21): Ice Cream Man has issues, including No Show Moreno and Chad OchoI'mOutoftheLoopO in his starting lineup.  BUT, he does have solid options with Miles Austin and Mike Sims-Walker on his bench.  That line should move significantly.

Noah's Kuhn Tang Klan ANTFW v. Masondolos Dexter's Viking Adventure (Mason -11): Noah got hosed by Tom Brady on Monday night, but Shaub should have a huge rebound game against a torched Miami D.  Noah's biggest issue is RB depth as both rookies are not much to sneeze at.  Though I would go with Thomas who has a better shot at being a TD vulture as opposed to Ingram producing.

drzden's Mendenhall OBL Fan Club v. jarlbartar's Mississippi Dongslingers (drzden -23): This line is huge because Espin does not believe in Felix Jones (wrong) or Matt Cassell (right), but does believe in DeAngelo Williams (wrong).  Replacing Manningham with Arian Foster should also move this line, and this will be a closer game.

Rendezvous All The Bacon and Eggs You Have v. pjpaulus' Armageddon Day (Ren -29): Another whacked line, because projecting a RB to score 20+ points is dangerous.  But things line up pretty good for Ren with Best going up against a weak KC team and Steve Smith going up against a possibly Tramon-less GB secondary that got torched by Brees last week.

BCB Archers

Hyatt's Cromartie's Foster Kid Emporium v. golfallday's Gilbert Brown's Manssierre (Hyatt -9): Im a favorite, but I don't see it.  Frankly, I'm worried about what the Falcons are going to do on offense, and I feel they're not ready for prime time yet.  In addition, I have a choice of Mike Thomas, Ryan Matthews, and Ladanian for my flex spot.  It's not a good situation.  Steve Smith better be good (but not too good. Go Pack!)

Yar Nivek's I WILL DESTROY HER v. trippingandy's Gary Glitter's U-16 (Kevin -37?!?): Let's see why that line is so skewed... Can't really argue much. Grant's the #2 back, Collie is worthless without peyton and health, and then there's DeAngelo... I'll just come out and say it.  I hate Carolina RBs this year. They are terrible. 

Shmita91's Ernest Goes To Kampman v. TexWestern's Rock Me Abberderis (Schmit -3): Tex's receivers are hurt, with all but Randall Cobb on the Injury report.  Personally, if Lance Moore goes, then he's the start for me.  Cedric Benson, despite impending suspension, will be the most solid rusher all season.  He's good for 1100 and 6 TDs.  Book it.

-JP-'s Indianapolis Steakhouse v. cheezconqueso's I wanna Rex You Up (Cheez -4): Both team's are solid but JP could go over the top starting Santana this week v. Arizona.  Think about it.  An east coast team at home against a western time zone team that has to travel and has an early start?  Put the RexSkins down for 2-0, and a huge game for Moss.  Same with Ryan Fitzpatrick v. Oakland though... so who really knows.

TheBrouhaha's Drop It Like It's Hot featuring J. Jones v. saltire's Pippa Middleton's Hypnotic A$$ (Brou -17): Interesting line considering Saltire's boys were the 2nd highest scoring team in any of the 3 leagues last week.  The issue seems to be Hakeem Nicks' knee, though he's got Devery Henderson as a replacement.  Also, Espin loves A-rodg 9 points more than Romo.  Though at the 49ers is not a tough matchup at all.

LosinCatmansLove's Day Drinkin with Mike Vrabel v. Meiz's Hyatt's Wife and My Kids (Push): Both teams looking to rebound after really poor outings last week.  All 4 disappointing RBs in this matchup should rebound this week, so these teams should be able to get back on track.  No real scary advantages other than Brady over Cutler.  (HAHHAHAHAHA, he has to start Cutler.  Advantage: Meiz)


I will post a "games thread" on Sunday and we'll see how that goes.  Enjoy them.

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