Baseball is Music to My Ears - - - Or at Least on Manuscript, it Looks like it Sounds Good.

... because first I have to finish writing my Brewers music, and then there is the matter of distributing it to people who are capable of playing the music.

What I need these people to do is memorize passages I've laid out to represent various pitching performances with sequence (i.e. the out-pitches, or a tight curve may signify an accented note).

Oh, and there is so much to talk about that I do not have worked out. But, in order to really give everyone an idea on why my comments are sort of awkward, I figured it would be a good idea to share some of the things I'm doing with this pitchFx data. Maybe I'll go ahead and put up this Shaun Marcum passage;





Well - - - well? Looks like I can't find the data I used! But think of it this way; the notation I've got here shows a timed glissando (think of Warner Bros. Cartoons, when a character is falling off a cliff. Or, 2001; a Space Odessy).


*I'm gonna wrap this up! It's really tough to explain. But I am doing this as an independent study, mixing Music Theory and some advanced metrics to see if I can't produce a little ode to the Brewers pitching staff. If you can imagine Marcum's pitch selection (to which I might assign certain timbres, instruments and/or accents depending on the pitch and velocity), it will be rather formulaic. The full change-up notation would then be added over the rhythmic backdrop, and it's time for me to go.


It's a given that I'll have some questions about some more creative or expansive use of the data, and I might bring it up every now and again.


Thanks for welcoming me to the site, and I hope to have some  music about the Brewers for you to hear/examples to see.




p.s. III (a) example shows something that kind of looks like "psssssshhhhffffft."  The hhhffffft is a representation of Lucroy, blocking the pitch and then looking around to make sure he is still where he was before he blocked that thing.

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