The Jan Brady League: We Have Our Final Combatants!

It was an exciting weekend in BCB Fantasy Sports.  3 Fantasy Football Drafts, and the semi-finals in the 3 Fantasy Baseball Leagues.  Let's see who's gonna be in contention for that sweet sweet sig of Jan Brady League Champion!

#4 Anything You Cantu I Cantu Better beat #8 Total Eclipse of the Hart 316.1-290.1: The Hart's magical run came to an end yesterday as The Cantus advance to the final.  Pujols, Damon, Matt Kemp, Wandy, and Chris Perez did their best to keep the Harts in it, but Tim Stauffer and David Freese's terrbile weeks were the difference.  Kelly Johnson and Jamile weeks were the Cantus only offensive contributors, but he got phenomenal pitching from Luke Hochevar, RA Dickey, and a host of other good outings from one start guys.  

#3 Royals Yosting on an Open Fire beat Smoak'n with Jeffress 342-235.8: Wednesday was the different as Yar's squad blew out the Smoak'ns by over 70 points that day.  CC and Kinsler had outstanding weeks, as Smoak'n could not get anything going pitching wise (his squad went 6-10).  Offense wasn't much better as only Ryan Howard and Rafael Furcal were over 20 points.  

Now some thoughts from the week:

-It's disgusting that it was 94 yesterday, and downright comfortable.  It's in the 70s right now, and as soon as the baby boy is done with his Nutella Toast, I am taking him out to play.

- Ever have a peanut butter and nutella sandwich?  it's like a reces cup melted on a couple of slices of bread, and it's out of this world.

- Labor Day is a much needed day off, being that I won't have another until Thanksgiving.  Ugh, I hate that.

- Peter King is a moron, still stumping for Tiki Barber.  I mean, who wouldn't want a 36 year old clubhouse cancer that left his pregnant wife for an intern?  Turns out, EVERY NFL TEAM.

- The Brewers are giving us a really fun summer/early fall.  I love this team, but someone was wearing these when they came up with the Western Wear day.  .  

Good Luck to Kwillis45 and Yar Nivek in the final.  

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