BCB Advanced Stat Pseudofantasy League

Since there seemed to be some interest in doing a Brew Crew Ball "fantasy" league based around advanced stats, e.g. fWAR or rWAR or whatever, I decided to make a post to discuss a possible league. My original idea was to do a league that was aimed at being more "realistic" than traditional fantasy leagues; that is, if you were drafting an actual MLB 25-man roster for the 2012 season, who would you take, factoring in defense, offense, durability, etc. So in other words, basically what WAR attempts to measure (overall player value).


Carlos Gomez is actually sort-of a viable fantasy option!!! (via

As a result of the difficulty in continually updating a league based on advanced stats, and since myself and probably others really like drafting fantasy teams but can lose interest in continually entering lineups as the season drags on, I think the league should be KittenMittons-friendly. That is, a main draft, maybe monthly updated standings, and then final standings to determine a winner, but no lineups, daily/weekly changes, trades, or add/drops. If a player gets hurt, he's replaced by someone from an exactly replacement-level farm system (0.0 WAR) just like would theoretically happen in real life. That also makes it easier to calculate team standings.

My initial idea, in the vein of being "realistic," was also to do 25-man rosters with roughly the same positions as a real team: C-1B-2B-SS-3B-LF-CF-RF-C-IF-IF-OF-OF SP-SP-SP-SP-SP-(SP)-RP-RP-RP-RP-RP-RP. That would end up giving the team's total WAR more than a real team would have, since people would presumably be drafting starters for their bench spots and thus giving the team an impossible amount of playing time, but it would be fairly close.

However! Everyone should propose whatever rules they think would be best. Cheeseandcorn proposed a scoring system more like traditional roto/category leagues that would break up WAR into it's component parts and score based on that. tcyoung had an interesting idea to draft by team-position, for example "Brewers CF" rather than Nyjer Morgan, but I think Fangraphs changed (?) such that it no longer seems possible to accurately filter fWAR by team-position, so that idea may not be feasible.

If anyone is either 1) interested in doing this league (you only need to commit for the draft, so feel free to show up on draft day, draft a team, and then zone out until final standings are announced at the end of the year!), or 2) would like to propose rules, please comment below!

Interested Parties:
Michael M
Mr Leam
Brewer 1 Fan
Mr. McGehee
Jordan M

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