UPDATED: BCB Fantasy Football Week 6 Review: I. AM. UPSET.

ne of the biggest criticisms of fantasy sports players is that they can't separate their fantasy teams from the actual sport being played. I have called Bullshit on this for years. During the 3 hours of the Brewer game, I am all about my team. I couldn't care less if I have the opposing team's closer. Same with the Packers. I am a diehard wearing my 6 year old Packers shirt while screaming at the tv and distributing Touchdown Puperonis to my dogs when they score when in the lead. It is not even a question where my allegiances lie.

And that's the idea of fantasy sports. Adding another level to the game so you get a better idea of who's good and who isn't in the league. It's about tweeting at Tcyoung or Meiz and letting them know that next time their husbands should draft for them. It's about the competition OUTSIDE of game itself. So when Mitch Albom or some other plagiarizing columnist who has no idea what he's talking about says these nerds need to go to a damn game, I say to them, so do you.

With all that being said, I was just about in tears that I benched Jordy Nelson last night. I knew he was going to go off. I wrote about it last week in the comments

He’s been mediocre to nonexistent this year fantasy wise. Not something you want from an expected solid #2 receiver. But, the moment I’ll bench him in favor of Antonio Brown, Dewayne Bowe, or Malcom Floyd, he’ll explode.

And it the he goes off. I'm not good at fantasy football sometimes.

The Thanks For Nothing, Jerk team of the week:

QB- Matt Schaub 5- also of note, Kevin Kolb was started ahead of RG3. You know who you are. I'll trust you don't make that mistake again.

RB- Rashard Mendenhall 2- Welcome back to disappointing fantasy owners Rashard!

RB- Larod Stephens-Howling 2- HAHA Arizona running backs

WR- Brian Hartline 0- HAHA Dolphins receivers

WR- Darius Hayword-Bey 2

TE- Martellus Bennett 1- Still not good at football

Flex- Andre Roberts 2- HAHA Arizona receivers not named Larry Fitzgerald. But seriously, this guy cost a team a game this week. They lost by half a point. Gut wrenching.

D- Vikings -2

The Bench Team that whipped your team of the week:

QB- RG3 39- He's no longer a debatable decision

RB- CJ Spiller 20

RB- Fred Jackson 17- Looks like Spiller/Jackson could delve into a Roddy/Julio territory

WR- Jordy Nelson 42- /hates self

WR- Jeremy Maclin 28

TE- Jason Witten 14

D- Giants 22

Didn't have much time this week. Work was killer. Here's the updated power ranks.

Team of the week: The unidentified Rob Ryan Van Stains won team of the week

Yar Nivek award: Kfeyzi scored the 5th fewest points this week and Won

Hard Luck Losers: tcyoung scored 146.5, the 7th highest total this week, and lost. Jarlbartar lost by 0.5 points to JP.

Power Ranks: New number 1. Aaronetc's Flood the Zone with Cheryl Tunt took the top spot and has been at or near the top of the weekly ranks 4 of the 6 weeks. Tepo's Jintao Athletic Labor Camp got out of the bottom spot with a very good performance this week, placing doubleb440's Supreme Leader Kim John Kuhn squarely in last.

Rank BCB Name Team Name League Wk 6 Pnts Wk 6 Pow Wins Total Pts Total Pow
1 aaronetc Flood the Zone w/ Cheryl Tunt 2 161 28 3 889 129
2 Hyatt Man-Sploosh 2 149 26 3 835.5 124.5
3 CheezeConQueso Finley Shades of Gray 1 130 17 5 835.5 124.5
4 Fiesta Stomp The Yard ft. N. Suh 1 105 11 4 848 123.5
5 Masondlo Blackmon's Apologetic Cocktail 1 136 22 3 823.5 121
6 BrewGuyTim Spiking Montee's Ball 3 124 14 4 821.5 114.5
7 Mr Leam Cam, I Wish I was your lover 1 135.5 21 4 784 106.5
8 Zorakathura Burn in Harrell 3 128 16 4 798 104
9 Golfallday Lil Sebastian Janikowski 2 126 15 3 793.5 103
10 Yar Nivek Man Gets Hit By Football 3 85.5 3 5 830.5 103
11 ObiBraunKenobi Raiders of the lost Glory Hole 2 123.5 13 2 786.5 100
12 Hyatt Sanchez's Lil Black Yearbook 1 99.5 8 3 770.5 99
13 texwestern JoPas Blind Eye 2 134 20 3 764 98
14 tcyoung Rusty Zombone 3 148.5 25 2 762.5 94.5
15 jarlbartar Soapin Up with Jerry's Kids 3 132 18 1 759 92.5
16 Dikembe Meiz Ocho Benoit 3 150 27 2 748 92
17 rendezvous Mustached Americans 2 79.5 1 3 765 91
18 kfeyzi Ochocinco's Casting Tape 2 89 5 4 762.5 90
19 JP The Duke Silver Experience 3 132.5 19 2 748.5 88
20 brewcrewbrian Jerry Sandusky's Little Giants 1 103 9.5 3 772 86
21 Olyknows Saints $10k Sack Attack 1 109 12 3 729.5 83.5
22 Hyatt Unidentified Rob Ryan Van 3 186.5 30 2 751.5 78
23 brewerspug Working To Shiva's Bush 3 94.5 6 2 695 76
24 jerryheldred 50 Shades of Heyword-Bey 2 172.5 29 1 730.5 74.5
25 Icecreamman Ice Cold Bruschis 1 88.5 4 2 718.5 74
26 Noah Jarosh Somebody that I used to So'oto 3 103 9.5 1 735.5 73.5
27 JEO Unemployed Honey Badgers 1 142 23 2 686.5 70
28 arfuture1985 Hey That's My Dick Jauron 2 96.5 7 2 691.5 65
29 tepo6688 Jintao Athletic Labor Camp 1 143.5 24 1 670 60
30 DoubleB440 Supreme Leader Kim John 2 81 2 1 641 51
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