BCB 2012 Season In Review - BCB Inside Joke AWARDS

Hey everyone. We are a pretty fascinating community of commenters here, so it's worthwhile to keep track of all the running jokes and jargon. However, this is not just about education, this is about entertainment. Over the next week, I have decided to follow in the Milwaukee BBWAA footsteps, and have three awards. But before we do any polling, I need your help with nominations. Read the descriptions below, and in the comments submit up to three nominations for each category.

"Inside Joke of the Year" - regardless of how long this joke has been on BCB, which was the best this year?

"Rookie of the Year" - Which inside joke or term created during the 2012 season (and offseason) made the season a little brighter.

"Unsung Hero" - Which one didn't get all the recs and lols, but was a great workhorse for us.

Alright everyone, the nominees for joke of the year are in, the poll is up, let's get to the voting! You have until Friday evening to vote. And since Cameron Garfield's name isn't on the list, we should be safe.

The Nominees are:

If I Remove Cinnamon - This clever new meaning of the acronym was born in 2010, and has lived on to today, with a strong resurgence after being included in the first "BCB Jargon and Inside Jokes" compilation. Coined by Rubie Q, the "d" has been dropped since the original. This season it transformed from being a way to make jokes about IIRC comments into a substitute for the acronym. Many people typed "Removing cinnamon" or just "Cinnamon" in a post when they intended to imply "If I Recall Correctly".

Could we get a box score added? - A couple years ago, someone made this polite request of Kyle and the other contributors as a way to improve his "Post-game Thread" experience. It has since become a running joke, normally used very innocuously. The recent suggestion that Kyle was using his 2 day mini-vacation from posting Mugs to find a way to add box scores was a huge success.

You spelled Ishikawa wrong - When Jerry Narron wrote the lineup card with Norichika Aoki's name "spelled" out in Japanese, Ishikawa was still in standard script. So I stated that apparently he hadn't learned to spell Ishikawa. It went downhill from there. Although originally used in reference to Ishikawa himself, it is now frequently used when a post has some severe typos that look nothing like Ishikawa.

Thanks for your insight - We decided this offseason to respond ever so politely and pointlessly to trolls who came to tell us about Braun's steroid use, and any other trolls. Occasionally used in jest such as "Thanks for your...oh wait" when a fan of another team posts something that's not trolling.

Caveman Corey Hart - Not a single joke, but a foundation for any number of jokes. Caveman smash, and caveman see ball, caveman hit ball being chief among them. Also jokes about his age, invention of the wheel, learning to control fire, etc.

TPOT - Thirty Pitches of Terror (or Twenty, or Twenty-seven, etc.) A nickname for Francisco Rodriguez, who this year transformed from a reliable tight-rope walking reliever into a reliable tight-rope falling-off-of reliever, and back again. Even when he's on, he gets into jams.

Bunting to set up the bunt - Roenicke really likes to bunt. A lot. No, take what you're imagining, then take the limit as that approaches infinity.

Goggles do nothing - A Simpsons quote, often used (by me) to respond to questions of the efficacy of "prescription goggles" such as those used by Eric Gagne and Francisco Rodriguez.

Everything's coming up Milhouse - Another Simpsons quote, this one usually not posted by me. Used to indicate pleasure at the Brewer's success and/or good fortune (and also luck).

Kittenmittons (verb) - to make a lazy or half-assed effort at something. Originated when user KittenMittons joined the BCB Fantasy Baseball league, and by midway through the year had half his lineup on the DL and never logged back in to manage his team.

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