BCB Fantasy Football Week 8 Review: Damn lazy neighbor's trees and Power Ranks

was all set to watch some Sunday Night Football, after a fun weekend of watching the games and having my EPL team have a controversial tie in their match against their heated rivals, when there was a HUGE boom and the power went out. I ran outside and two houses down the power was on, yet 6 houses to the right and all houses in between, it was out. I packed up the kids and drove around the neighborhood, and the 6 houses behind me were out too. A transformer blew and they didn't get anything restored until 11.

Turns out, putting the kids to bed when there is no lights, no tv, no anything is a breeze!!! There's no stimulus to keep them going outside of you, so they run (or crawl) around entertaining themselves and totally tire themselves out. I wish I knew this years ago!

Also, the wife was planning on making her delicious spaghetti and meatballs, and that didn't happen. So Fuck You tree branch that popped a transformer. I have to wait until tonight to enjoy that deliciousness.

One more thing- I posted last week's power ranks this morning in the previous post. So if you want to see where you were coming into this week, go right ahead

On to the week:

We have our first KittenMittons Alert!!!: Supreme Leader Kim John Kuhn managed by DoubleB440 started MJD while it was painfully obvious that he was not playing all week. And Raiders of the Lost Glory Hole started a defense on a bye week. Watch your lineups people

This week's Thanks For Nothing, Jerk team:

QB- Eli Manning 5: I specifically advised a guy not to start eli over Cutler yesterday... oops.

RB- Michael Bush 0

RB- Jamal Charles 3: How does Jamal Charles only get 4 caries? Oh battletoads, just screwing it up for the rest of us...

WR- Victor Cruz 4: when your team intercepts the ball 4 times in the first half, you tend not to pass it around too much. Thanks a fucking lot Romo.

WR- Lance Moore 5: never start a saint outside of Colston, Graham, and Brees...

TE- Kyle Rudloph 3: if he doesn't find the end zone, he's not worth a start. He's never gone over 56 yards in a game.

Flex- Dewayne Bowe: I'm now afraid to start any chiefs as long as battletoads is in charge.

D- Vikings -4: oh Tex... you're a Packer blogger!!! you should know better

K- Greg Zurlein 1: oh Legatron, how have you fallen so far so fast...

Bench team that crushed yours:

QB- Matt Stafford 40: I don't blame you, Seattle's D is a beast

RB- Doug Martin 38: Alfred Morris and Jamal Charles were started ahead of Martin. Oops.

RB- Trent Richardson 23

WR- Denariyus Moore 21

WR- Steve Smith 20: Both Wideouts are on Kfeyzi's bench, so good job there champ.

TE- Jason Witten 37: in a row?

Flex- Mike Williams 18

D-Steelers 10.5

K- Matt Bryant 13: It's fun when someone makes the mistake of having a kicker on their bench. It's even more fun when that kicker outscores their starting kicker. You should never have a kicker who is playing on your bench.

Team of the week ObiBraunKenobi's Raiders of the Lost Glory Hole hit on just about every cylinder this week putting up 185, even when starting a defense on a bye week!!! That was only marginally worse than starting the Jets D on his bench.

Hard Luck Losers: Brewerspug scored the 11th highest total this week, and lost. JEO was done in by Vernon Davis Monday Night and lost by 1.5 points.

Yar Nivek Award: Golfallday scored the 4th fewest points, but was lucky enough to play Kfeyzi's squad who scored the third fewest points, and won.

Special Mention of Suck: rendezvous's Mustached Americans had a historic week. Starting Brees, Charles, Bradshaw, Bowe, Floyd, Finley, Alfred Morris, the Cardinals D, and Legatron, he put up an amazing 57 points. He had just 3 players score more than 5 points. This was truly amazing especially in a PPR league. So congrats rendezvous.

Power Ranks: Aaronetc maintains his top spot again with another strong performance, but we need to talk about the bottom part. Here is how bad doubleb440s team has been. Next week, everyone else could be ranked in the last spot (it's not how the math works, but still) and he could score the most, and he'd still be in last. He has put together 55 power points, or the 6th worst score on average every week. This is not very good. He's a full 32 points behind the next spot up. Just amazing stuff.

And let's finish up with wishing Kyle Rudolph and Victor Cruz luck in their race for a cure of the rare strain of Goliath Bird Eating Spider Herpes they should be contracting if I had anything to say about it. Dicks.

Rank BCB Name Team Name League Wk 8 Pnts Wk 8 Pow Wins Total Pts Total Pow
1 aaronetc Flood the Zone w/ Cheryl Tunt 2 144.5 26 6 1189 182.5
2 CheezeConQueso Finley Shades of Gray 1 160.5 29 7 1139.2 174.5
3 Fiesta Stomp The Yard ft. N. Suh 1 128.5 22 6 1127 170.5
4 BrewGuyTim Spiking Montee's Ball 3 133 23 6 1116.5 166.5
5 Zorakathura Burn in Harrell 3 160 28 7 1135.5 162
6 Masondlo Blackmon's Apologetic Cocktail 1 112 12 5 1091 160.5
7 Hyatt Man-Sploosh 2 120 15 4 1086.5 159.5
8 ObiBraunKenobi Raiders of the lost Glory Hole 2 185 30 3 1075.5 137
9 Yar Nivek Man Gets Hit By Football 3 103.5 7 6 1081.5 134
10 Golfallday Lil Sebastian Janikowski 2 96.5 4 5 1044.5 133
11 tcyoung Rusty Zombone 3 110.5 11 2 1020 128.5
12 jarlbartar Soapin Up with Jerry's Kids 3 134 24.5 2 999 125
13 texwestern JoPas Blind Eye 2 113 13 4 994 123
14 Olyknows Saints $10k Sack Attack 1 128 21 5 984.5 122.5
15 Hyatt Sanchez's Lil Black Yearbook 1 108 10 4 994 120
16 Mr Leam Cam, I Wish I was your lover 1 102.5 6 4 988 117.5
17 Noah Jarosh Somebody that I used to So'oto 3 134 24.5 2 997.5 117
18 jerryheldred 50 Shades of Heyword-Bey 2 158 27 4 1010 116.5
19 kfeyzi Ochocinco's Casting Tape 2 86 3 6 994.5 115
20 JP The Duke Silver Experience 3 122 17 4 983 114
21 Dikembe Meiz Ocho Benoit 3 120.5 16 3 947.5 109
22 rendezvous Mustached Americans 2 57 1 4 947.5 109
23 brewcrewbrian Jerry Sandusky's Little Giants 1 101 5 3 991 104
24 Icecreamman Ice Cold Bruschis 1 124.5 19 2 957 103
25 brewerspug Working To Shiva's Bush 3 125.5 20 4 907 99
26 JEO Unemployed Honey Badgers 1 106.5 8 3 916 94
27 Hyatt Unidentified Rob Ryan Van 3 107 9 4 962 93
28 tepo6688 Jintao Athletic Labor Camp 1 116 14 1 906.5 88
29 arfuture1985 Hey That's My Dick Jauron 2 123 18 3 903.5 87
30 DoubleB440 Supreme Leader Kim John 2 82 2 1 808.5 55
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