BCB Fantasy Football Week 15 Review: WE HAVE CHAMPIONSHIPS PEOPLE!!!

Fantasy football is awesome because it provides a narrative outside of the regular games. Like many of you, I'm in a money league outside of these leagues, and the game story is just truly amazing. It reads like a phenomenal game of cricket (where one team goes, then the other team goes... anyway...). So here is why Fantasy football rules:

AJ Green started off my week strong with a solid performance on Thursday Night. Thursday Night football has been where offenses go to die, but he came through with 17 (this league is a standard PPR, nothing funky).

Going in to Sunday, RG3 was ruled out, so we had to put our backup in, more on that later. So the early games come, and we have Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Randall Cobb, Matt Prater, and the Packers D going. A lot of things have to happen in one game for us to do well. Our opponent has Manning, Tony Gonzalez, and Eric Decker going.

Starting off with our opponent, Manning throws for just 204 yards and a TD, but that TD and 133 of those yards go to Decker. So despite Manning underperforming, Decker makes up for it. Tony G does his thing, and puts up a good 16 as well. So that brings his total after the early games to 57, with the majority of his team still to play.

We (I say we because my brother and I run this team together), get solid games from ALL the starters. Marshall gets the Bears only TD, Forte gets his yards and a few catches, Cobb, despite the bullsh lost fumble, still tops 110 yards, the Pack D gets a great score, and Matt Prater had a couple field goals and 4 XP. All in all, that 34 from the bears, 33 from the Pack, and 10 for Prater, putting us at 94 with just 3 guys left.

So our opponent has Steven Jackson, Miles Austin, Marshon Lynch, Seahawks D, and Darius Haywerd Bey going. And they go off. Jackson 8 catches and 146 total yards for 22 points, Lynch and the Seahawks D are dominating putting up a total of 41 points. We're nervous, even though DHB does nothing.

We had our 3 last guys going as well, including Brandon Myers, who didn't do anything (2 catches for 15 yards). BUT, our backup was in against a weak D. And that Backup QB was Russell Wilson. He went HAM on the Bills, putting up a ridiculous 41 points cancelling out his seahawks.

So at this point, he's got 120 not counting Miles Austin and his kicker, David Akers. We're at 138.

The Cowboys game went the longest, and it really came down to our last guy vs. Miles Austin. I told my brother that if we get to 147, we'll win. Miles is catching everything thrown at him, and he's streaking to a game with a TD. But our last guy, Demarco Murray, is keeping pace while losing a fumble, with 130 total yards and 4 catches (fumbles are -3). And when he crossed the goal line in the 4th and Miles didn't, I almost did a backflip. His 18 put us at 156, and gave us a 156-134 lead with just Akers left.

Akers had a good enough game, but we are now headed to the championship where we'll win either 600 or 1200.

That, my friends, is drama at its finest.

So let's see what drama ensued in our leagues:

BCB 1-

OlyKnows' Saints 10K Sack Attack beat CheezconQueso's Finley Shades of Gray 168.5-97: What a week to have your RBs and WRs not show up. Cheez had Jamal Charles, Doug Martin, Anquan Boldin and Marques Colston combine for 19 points this week, and that will doom you to a loss every time. Oly's squad was led by AP, the Bengals D, Lynch and Cam to victory.

Mr Leam's Cam, I wish I was your lover beat BrewCrewBrian's Jerry Sandusky's Lil Giants 140-108: Even with Josh Gordon's bad game and Ryan Matthews' injury, Leam stormed into the final with solid games from Romo and Arian, as well as a spectacular effort from Blair Walsh. BCBrian couldn't overcome a 26 point deficit at kicker (he started Tynes), and a combined 3 points from Denario Alexander and Roddy White. Not even Kaep's 32 kept him in the game. He had James Jones on the bench, and I mention this only to bring to your attention a comment to an article written by BCB2's own TexWestern which fully encapsulates the awesomeness that is James Jones.

I know you’re a cornerback. I know you’ve got a job to do. If you’re worried about a lot of yards, I can tell you I don’t do that… but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a 6-year career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you interfere with me, that will be the end of it – you will get penalized, and we will get another chance… but if you don’t, Aaron Rodgers will look for me, he will find me… and I will score a touchdown.

That is just pure amazeballs.

Next week's championship will be Leam vs. Oly and the winner gets the rights to the coveted BCB 1 2012 Fantasy Football Champion sig.

BCB 2:

jerryheldred's 50 Shades of Heyward Bey beat Rendezvous' Mustached Americans 158.5-131: When Drew Brees and Andre Johnson combine for 75 points, you aren't going to lose many games. This happened to be one of them, and Rendezvous couldn't overcome a combined 5 points from Jamal Charles, Torey Smith, the Lions D, and Conor Barth to catch Jerry's Squad. The Beys had solid efforts all around, as Cam, the Bengals D, Julio, Spiller, and CJ2Fat were all over 20.

CJ2Fat had the most CJ2Fat game ever, as he had 20 rushes for 26 yards, and 1 rush for 94 yards and a TD.

TexWestern's Jopa's Blind Eye beat Golfallday's Lil Sebastian Janikowski 126.5-117: Tex's squad was down by 31 points headed into Sunday Night's game with just Kaep and Shonn Greene on Monday left to go. But Kaep went HAM putting up 32 and Greene sealed the deal with 8 to give him the victory. He was able to overcome poor efforts from Welker, Bryce Brown, and Owen Daniels. GAD's squad was let down by their biggest superstar, as Ray Rice only came through with 6. Everyone else, save his kicker, was in the double digits. But it wasn't enough.

The championship between Jerry and Tex should be a wonderful little twitter war. Pay attention out there.

BCB 3:

JP's The Duke Silver Experience beat Yar Nivek's Man Gets Hit by Football 152-113: JP redeemed Parks and Rec inspired teams as every member of his squad, save his defense, was in the double digits, led by 32 from Brady, 25 from Aaron Hernandez, and 22 each from Sjax and Knowshon. Yar's squad couldn't handle their week off as Roddy, Colston and Stafford combined for 15 points, which was too much for the rest of his squad to overcome.

My Unidentified Rob Ryan Van Stains beat BrewGuyTim's Spiking Montee's Ball 127-104.5: In a battle of disappointing performances, my squad had fewer and thus made it into the finals. Overcoming Matthews's porceline clavical, Shonn Greene, and the Lions throwing in the towel was made easier with Decker, Megatron, and Cam all having great weeks. Tim could not catch up Alfred Morris, Heath, and Matt Ryan's good weeks, since the rest of his team combined for 32.5 points from 6 guys.

JP and I will have a classic snobs vs slobs battle as his piety and Judge Smails-ness will take on my Czervic like vulgarity in a classic good vs less good matchup! IT'S SO ON BUDDY!!! (disclaimer: I do not think JP is a snob at all, he's actually a really cool guy, but still, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!)

I will update the power ranking battles later today.

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