The Top Ten Brew Crew Ball Posts Of 2012

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As we count down the hours to 2013 we'll take a look at some of the site's finest moments from 2012.

This will most likely be our final post of 2012, so before I start I wanted to thank all of you for making it a great year. Despite the Brewers' disappointing step backwards this season we still drew slightly less than a million readers in 2012, and I'm grateful to all of you for making BCB a part of your Brewer fanhood.

Now, without further ado, here are the posts you read more than any others this season:

1) Ken Rosenthal reports the Brewers have traded Zack Greinke to the Angels.

After months of speculation and false starts, the shoe we were all waiting for finally dropped on July 27. We learned the details of the move together in the comments of that post.

2) Ryan Braun wins his appeal, will not be suspended.

Noah did a great job here collecting reactions from around the web as an offseason-long nightmare came to an end and we learned that Braun would not face a 50-game suspension to open the season.

3) Zack Greinke scratched from a July start.

While we all waited for news about Greinke's eventual destination, the Brewers threw us for a loop by announcing Greinke needed to "recharge his batteries" and would miss a start despite no apparent injury concerns. Things ended up working out, but this was a head-scratcher.

4) The "Frosty Margarita" from the morning after the Braun announcement.

I was on a poorly-timed vacation when some of the biggest Brewer news of my lifetime broke, but Nicole stepped in and did a great job filling on on the Mug the day after Braun's appeal victory was announced.

5) A first look at the 2012 Brewers

As it turns out, one of our best 2012 posts came in the year's first few days. Cheeseandcorn used the Brewers' ZiPS projections to look at the team as they stood at that point.

6) Miller Park Food Reviews: Bacon Sloppy Joe, Buffalo Chicken Mac And Cheese

This was easily the biggest surprise on the list for me. Apparently I need to do more food reviews next year.

7) Attanasio Tightens His Belt

Another of 2012's best posts is a recent one, with Nate asking hard questions about the Brewers' decision to cut payroll this winter.

8) If Not Hamilton, Who?

Most of us never considered the Brewers likely candidates to sign new Angel Josh Hamilton this winter. SB Nation Designated Columnist Mike Bates chimed in here to look at some of the Crew's other options with the slugger likely out of reach.

9) Friday's Frosty Mug: So Who's Left?

In another recent post, this Mug focused largely on the pitchers left on the market when Ryan Dempster's decision to sign with the Red Sox caused a sudden turn in the Brewer offseason plans.

10) Friday's Frosty Mug: Still Waiting

Restlessness was setting in for this December 7 Mug as we started to notice that the hot stove was getting cold.

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