BCB Fantasy Football Week 13 Review: Playoffs are set, the Power ranking tourney continues!!!

My team named Man Sploosh lost and was booted from the playoffs this weekend. This is because I didn't pay attention to Matt Forte returning, and I also thought Aaron Hernandez would be more of a focal point than Brandon Myers. I was wrong on both counts and now I'm out. So to Roddy White, Ryan Matthews, and all the other underperformers from the year long debacle that was the Man Sploosh, I offer you a choice between the Lady and the Tiger. The Lady will give you the worst form of Herpes known to Man. The Tiger will also give you herpes.

On to the Power Rank Tourney, because it's less painful to write about... I think...

The Boys II Menorah Regional Semis.

1 Flood 117.5 v. 17 Mustached Americans122.5

24 The Duke Silver Experience 107 v. 8 Saints 10k Sack Attack 144

The 1 Seed is OUT!!! Flood has been sliding for the past few weeks, and not even the bye could get himself back on track. More on that later. Rendezvous gets his second straight upset, and Olyknows continues his good year with another win over JP.

Racist Parrot Regional Semis

4 Stomp the Yard 154.5 v. 13 50 Shades of Hayword Bey 146

21 Working to Shiva's Bush 113 v. 5 Blackmon's Apologetic Cocktail 136

Masondlo and Fiesta played each other this week, and now will play each other next week as well. In fact, they may play each other 3 weeks in a row if Masondlo wins his league Wild Card.

Buzz one out Regional Semis

2 Finley Shades of Gray 108 v. 18 Unidentified Rob Ryan Van Stain 132

23 Hey That's My Dick Jaraun 131.5 v. 26 Ochocinco's Casting Tape 128

My Van Stains pulled A SHOCKER and will meet Arfuture for the chance to get to the Final 4! And it was nice seeing kfeyzi's team get knocked out after knocking out my Man Sploosh

AH-MAH-ZING Whore's Bath regional semis

3 Spiking Montee's Ball 104 v. 14 Cam, I wish I was your lover 136

11 Somebody that I used to So'oto 177 v. 6 Raiders of the lost Glory Hole 139

Holy Shit Noah, way to win big. I understand you blasting this one out after being knocked out of your league playoffs despite being the top scoring team in your league this week. Your next victim is Leam.

And now on to the real playoffs:


If you recall last week, all playoff spots were locked up, it was just a matter of seeding. Well Cheezconqueso's Finley Shades of Gray and Leam's Cam, I wish I was your lover took care of business and locked up their byes. Fiesta's Stomp the yard locked up the 3 seed and will take on brewcrewbrian's Jerry Sandusky's Lil Giants. Masondlo's Blackmon's Apologetic Cocktail will be taking on Olyknows' Saints 10K Sack Attack in the 4 v. 5 matchup.


Some movement here. Rendezvous and Tex locked up the byes with wins this week. Aaronetc's Flood the Zone fell to 3rd after being so dominant but have lost the past 3 games. He's taking on a tough team in Golfallday's Lil Sebastian Janikowskis. In the 4 v. 5 matchup, Kfeyzi's Ochocinco Casting Tape looks to take his Man Sploosh knockin out ways against jerryheldred's 50 Shades of Heyward Bay.


Yar Nivek and his Man Gets Hit by Football enjoyed his 2 week break from playing fantasy football as he already had the #1 seed locked up. He also came up with the most genius philosophical comment I've seen in awhile with "Sometimes you're the football. Sometimes you're the groin." Epic. My Van Stains locked up the 2 seed with a win over BrewGuyTim's Spiking Montee's ball, who will be taking on BrewerPug's Working to Shiva's Bush who got in with a win. JP's Duke Silver Experience and Zora's Burn in Harrell will be matching up in the 4 v. 5 game.

Power ranks:

My file didn't save, so I have some work to do. I'll have the power Ranks up tomorrow.

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