Who in the hell is Shane Victorino and other very random thoughts?

1. Seriously. How is a 33 yo CF by the name of Victorino worth 39M over 3 years. I'm no stats or data man, but I can tell you straight off the bat. He's not worth it. Two years with a club option maybe.

2. Is ARod done and dusted. He has torn the labrum in the opposite hip, requiring surgery and 6 months rehab. Surely the Yankees will have to buy out his contract? Or perhaps reschedule the money over a longer period? Bobby Bonilla still gets paid by the Mets. Now a healthy ARod will struggle to stay in the lineup on a daily basis.

3. I hear rumblings from Brewer fans, that they would be happy bringing back Kam Loe and Manny Parra on lowball contracts. No way, if you are ineffective at 3M per, you will be ineffective at 800k or 1M.

4. Who is this mystery no name Free Agent starter we are supposedly bringing in. Forget it, they are all too expensive and they all come with baggage. We played great in September with 2 main reliable starters and a few AAA level pitchers. We can continue that and will probably improve.

5. Jevon Belcher was initially portrayed as a model citizen, role model, even after reports of a murder suicide were coming out. Not sure if he was, but later reports are highly contradictory.

6.KRod is a Free Agent. But he's not mentioned in any MLB rumours. Could he be blackballed or lowballed so badly that he won't ever play again.

7. KRod again. He will end up in jail, bankrupt or prematurely dead. By the time he gets out of baseball he wont have anyone concerned about his behaviour. He will serve jail time at some point.

8. Brewers. We could use a 3rd catcher and keep him on the 25 man roster. With Gamel getting mentored in the OF, but also providing infield cover. Then Bianchi and maybe another utility infielder, we would have a slot for a 3rd catcher. Crazy? No we would be stronger in using either Luc or Marty to pinch hit, yet we would still have cover in the later innings.

9. Brewers. We are a solid contender for a Wild Card which would yield us a one game playoff. That's assuming the same format as last year. That's not good enough, we should aim to win the division.

10. Axford. By mid season he will be back as the game's premier closer or one of the Top 3. With his velocity it's inevitable.

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