Winter Update

So, as you all know the Brewers have been relatively quiet so far this offseason. Although, the rumors are piling up: Josh Hamilton, Ryan Dempster, etc. I would not want them to sign Dempster; he's on the back end of his career and unlikely to pitch like he did last year. I love Josh Hamilton but he is too getting older and too expensive for a small market team like Milwaukee to break the bank on.

So with that being said, here are some moves I would make if I were in Doug Melvin's position:

1. Trade Hart - I like Hart but given his contract, I think the Brewers would get more value from trading him then keeping him. One team I see as a potenital fit is the Angels. If they can't sign Greinke they will need a plan B. Hart is definitely an upgrade over Vernon Wells. Two players that interest me are hard throwing lefty Drew Taylor and Luis Jimenez. He looks like a future Aramis to me.

2. Starting Pitcher - None of the free agent starters interest me other than Greinke, so I would look the trade route. Two names that come to mind are Matt Garza and Jorge DelaRosa. I would be willing to give up a package centered around Thornburg for either pitcher. We definitely need a number two behind Gallardo. I would love to get Dickey or Shields but something tells me their asking price would be sky high.

3. Bullpen - Please Doug, sign J.P. Howell. He is underrated and is really good. Next, I would sign a backup closer, either Brian Wilson, Brett Myers, Matt Lindstrom, Matt Capps, etc.

4. Bench - Ty Wigginton and a left handed bat with power (Giambi, Thome, Ibanez)

Here is the hypothetical lineup and roster: Aoki, Weeks, Braun, Ramirez, Gamel, Gomez, LuCroy, Segura

Gallardo, Garza/DelaRosa, Fiers, Narveson, Peralta/Estrada/Rogers

Axford, Wilson/Myers/Capps, Henderson, Howell, F.DelosSantos/Kintzler/Estrada, Taylor/M.DelosSantos/Manzanillo, Badenhop

Maldonado, Bianchi, Wigginton, Schafer, Thome/Giambi/Ibanez
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