BCB Pseudofantasy League - Draft Order + Rules

!!!*** The draft will be SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19 at 2:00 CST ***!!!

Draft Order

I went down the list of interested parties and used to generate a number between 1 and 1000 for each person, and then used these numbers to create the draft order from low to high. The random draft order is:

1) Hyatt (25)
2) brewcrewshrew (88)
3) Michael M (93)
4) -JP- (112)
5) TwoShoesMcGoze (157)
6) SRB (176)
7) Mr Leam (202)
8) Brewer 1 Fan (235)
9) ecocd (424)
10) Mr McGehee (446)
11) Rendezvous (498)
12) NoahJ (540)
13) Saltire (574)
14) masondlo (667)
15) Tepo6688 (788)
16) Cheesecandcorn (858)
17) bschles (861)
18) Jordan M (873)

We will be doing a snake draft, so for example, Hyatt will pick #1 (1-1) and #36 (2-18) and Jordan M will pick #18 (1-18) and #19 (2-1), etc.

Draft Room

The draft will be this Sunday (February 19) at 2:00 pm CST! We will see how far we get but if everything takes too long we can always break the draft (26-rounds) into multiple days, since we have so much time left until the season starts. The plan is to conduct the draft in a Google Doc spreadsheet; on the left will be a running draft board with each pick, on the right is a chat window. When it is your turn to pick, list your pick in all caps (e.g. "ANDREW MCCUTCHEN") in the chat and it will be updated on the draft board and on the roster spreadsheet as quickly as possible.

There are three spreadsheets: Draft Board Rounds #1-12, Draft Board Rounds #13-26, and Rosters. The rosters spreadsheet lists all 18 teams and the required/filled positions for each.

I think the draft time limit (relatively informal) will be one minute for each pick, but of course please try to be as fast as possible given the size of the league/rosters.


Rosters - Draft Board #1-12 - Draft Board #13-26



Total team fWAR (available at as calculated at the end of the regular season.

Roster & Eligibility

It is a 26-man roster: 25 active players and 1 reserve/prospect player. Position eligibility is based on either 2011 games played or 2012 games played as calculated at the end of the season, and the requirement is >50% of games played (appearances, not games started) to qualify at the position. Pitcher eligibility is also >50% of games, so G vs. GS (e.g. 20 G/14 GS = SP, 45 G/12 GS = RP). So, for example, if you draft Miguel Cabrera he is definitely eligible at 1B (152/159 games played there in 2011), but if you are using him to fill your 3B position, you are taking a slight gamble that he will play 50% of his games at 3B in 2012. Positions are as follows:

C - 1B (1B/DH) - 2B - SS - 3B - LF - CF - RF (starting lineup)

C - IF (1B/DH/2B/SS/3B) - IF (1B/DH/2B/SS/3B) - OF - OF (bench)

SP - SP - SP - SP - SP (starting rotation)

P (RP/SP) - RP - RP - RP - RP - RP - RP (bullpen)

Players can qualify at 1B if they have >50% of their games at 1B or DH. So, for example, Michael Young played 69 games at DH and 36 games at 1B in 2011, and thus he qualifies for 1B (105/159 games at 1B or DH)

Players who do not qualify for LF, CF, or RF are eligible at any outfield position. So, for example, Carlos Gonzalez played 61 games at LF, 3B games at RF, 30 games at CF in 2011, and thus qualifies for LF, CF, or RF.

Players who do not qualify for any starting position must be used on the bench in either the IF or OF slots.

If your players aren't eligible to fill a 25-man roster at the end of the season (e.g. you have two 1B but zero 3B), then you get 0.0 fWAR for the unfilled position and the player with the most fWAR at the overfilled position.

Cheeseandcorn Spreadsheet Listing Eligibility

You can also determine eligibility and appearance totals from Baseball Reference.


Each team has a five-man bench (C - IF - IF - OF - OF), but you must fill your starting lineup and starting rotation before you can draft any players for your bench. Thus, the earliest you can draft a bench player will be round 14. The multipurpose P slot and the bullpen can be drafted at any time.


Each team drafts one reserve/prospect player. This player can play any position and normal eligibility rules apply. This player can be drafted at any time (you can draft your reserve first overall if you want...) At any point in the season, you make permanently cut a player who for any reason is not on the 25-man roster (e.g. DL, minors, retired, etc.) and directly replace him by permanently calling up the reserve/prospect. Note that normal eligibility rules apply though:

If your prospect is Eric Hosmer (1B eligible) and Albert Pujols gets suspended for steroids in the middle of the season, you can cut Pujols and call up Hosmer to fill the 1B slot. If your prospect is Eric Hosmer (1B eligible) and Troy Tulowitzki gets kidnapped by an estranged stalker from somewhere outside Milwaukee (name withheld), you can't call up Hosmer because he plays a different position. However, if your bench IF is Jerry Hairston Jr. and he retires, you can call up Hosmer even though JHJ is not a 1B (because they both qualify for the bench IF position)

When you promote your reserve/prospect, you must announce via the Brew Crew Ball Frosty Mug comments the transaction you are making (who is cut, who is promoted) and the player's fWAR at the time of the move (e.g. "Cutting Albert Pujols (-0.9 fWAR), promoting Eric Hosmer (+1.2 fWAR)) and that will be taken into account when totaling the end of the year team fWAR.

Draft Day Absenteeism

If anyone is absent on draft day or fails to make their pick within one minute, they will be assigned the best player available from a list of the Houston Astros by 2011 fWAR.

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