BCB Twitter Lunch Transcript: 2/20/2012

Before I get down to business here, I wanted to let you know that I'll be appearing on The Mike Heller Show (The Big 1070 in Madison) at 3:40 today. Tune in for lots more spring training talk.

Anyway, I was home alone for lunch again today so I had some time to spend answering your questions on Twitter. Here's today's transcript:

JRRadcliffe: Regardless of outcome, will Shyam Das win biggest Wisconsin sports villain in 2012? (Das is the arbitrator in the Ryan Braun appeal.)

BCB: There's still a lot of year left, but he's built an impressive lead on the field.

WorkTheWire: Assuming Braun is out 50, what's the ' record without him?

BCB: I'll go somewhere between 24-26 wins. Easily enough to stay within reach in the Central.

NPetrashek: Worse third baseman: Ryan Braun circa 2007 or Aramis Ramirez circa 2012?

BCB: Oh, easily Braun. Ramirez isn't a Gold Glover, but Buster Olney said scouts think he can be good if motivated.

NPetrashek (following up): I'm preparing for the worst and hoping for the best!

BCB: If Ramirez is half as bad as 2007 Braun they'll probably move him off third.

miketotheg: do you think we see Big Red (Seth McClung) in a major league uniform this year?

BCB: Short answer, no. Too many guys with more upside ahead of him.

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JucheMane: If it is possible to find out, who is the franchise leader in situations where they reached base on an error?

BCB: Without looking, I'd bet it's Yount by a mile. Don't think lets you search for it.

Enrico_Palazzo_: why do you hate fantasy baseball? What has fantasy baseball ever done to you?

BCB: Years ago when I ran my own site, I realized all I was writing about was guys on my fantasy team. Quit immediately.

asecretikeep: if Braun does get suspended does that mean he's banned from all games, practices, etc? Or can he still workout, just not play?

BCB: He can still work out with the team, play spring games and rehab in minors. Just can't play regular season games.

asecretikeep (following up): when you say "rehab in minors" is that during his suspension or after it's complete?

BCB: I believe it's the last week-10 days of his suspension. It's before his suspension ends.

mcogs7: in order for the Brewers to have a playoff kind of season again, what one player needs to have an all star kind of year?

BCB: Rickie Weeks. A big season from him would really lighten the load on others in the lineup.

mcogs7 (following up): agreed. He needs to stay healthy. Where in the lineup do you see him?

BCB: If Braun is out, probably batting third. Once Braun is back, I have no idea.

mlmeloy: Who are you keeping a close eye on this spring?

BCB: I feel like the obvious answer is Aoki. A good or bad spring could swing his stock a long way.

brewcitybocce: If Greinke's "agent" requests 5/$77.5m, do Brewers do that deal? Can they afford to?

BCB: I'm not sure they could afford *not* to. That'd be a great deal.

SecondHandStore: What is the advantage to having Brooks Conrad over Taylor Green? Is Green just not a realistic option at 2nd base?

BCB: Green has options remaining, so he can be sent to the minors without being DFA'd. Conrad has more major league experience.

NPetrashek: Over/under on Axford at 45 saves in 2012?

BCB: Under. 45 is a big number. I'd set the bar closer to 37-38.

Jonseedc1: who did they pick up this year that will make the diff?

BCB: Ramirez is a big improvement at third, obviously. Gonzalez is also a nice upgrade defensively.

mcogs7: what kind of number does Gamel need to put up this season to consider it a successful year?

BCB: I'd say something like .280/.350/.490 would be enough to make him a long term answer at first base.

timcyoung: Is your meat man ready yet?

BCB: My freezer is stocked.

mlmeloy: any way to watch the Brewers without cable? Online feeds rarely work well enough and mlbtv blacks them out.

BCB: Sadly, nothing legal.

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