maybe i'm being paranoid, but...

I've read almost all the comments since the Ryan Braun exoneration and would like to thank the many experienced lawyers and lab technicians and comedians for their easy to understand translation of legal jargon. I've had a major schooling in the importance of "chain of custody."

Up until yesterday, I had no idea what chain of custody was. I had never heard of the term. It sounded like a domestic dispute over who should keep the dog after a divorce. But now i know that it matters and if it's not properly carried out, the sample is null and void.

And this makes perfect sense and reminds me of those whisper circles where a message is passed around and by the time it reaches the begining again, it is completely altered.

Braun says he's innocent. I believe him wholeheartedly, always did. So either the sample suffered insane alterations because of the 44 hour or whatever delay or someone intentionally tried to mess with Braun or I should watch more crime shows on tv and learn about other possibilities.

But seriously, why is a conspiracy so out of the question? I live in Montreal and there is plenty of hatred for Bud Selig (around here anyway) and the Brewers get sadly and incorrectly lumped into that. It's more out of bitterness than anything else, but to each his own.

The point is that someone or something in a powerful position could very well have intentionally messed with Braun's sample like a scandal, a Watergate scandal. I watched in disbelief last season as Larussa tried how many times? to question Miller Park's lighting or whatever else he had up his lawyer's sleeve. These ideas always get labeled "paranoid or ganja driven or left wing," but if you believe Braun is innocent and science laughs at a result tripling from "improper handling," then what else?

It seems very convenient that the media, mlb, or both feed baseball fans a diet of faulty fed ex drivers to bicker over rather than investigating bigger, more "important" people who always know where to hide.

Unfortunately, the media is focusing on Fed Ex (great day for UPS) and Braun escaping with this chain of custody
"technicality." This bothers me even more because I don't understand how these nay saying doubters expected Braun's legal team to present their case. The test result was off the charts. That was the other side's potent evidence. What the heck could the Braun side say? Did they have any choice but to present this technicality and then hope justice prevailed?

In conclusion, it's probably impossible to imagine what Braun experienced these past few months. There he was on top of the world when BAM! he gets tossed into a pit and can't believe what is happening. He's innocent and yet the baseball world does a collective Larussa/Motte on him and still, Braun trusts. That guy not only has class, he has faith and integrity. My favorite line from his press conference today was something like, "I believe things happen for a reason, but this one, I'm still trying to figure out."

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