Theory about the drug testing case

My theory about the Braun sample is that it was switched.

The questions would be -






When Where and How would be pretty simple. The collector had the sample at his home for 44 hours and had extensive medical experience and drug sample collection experience to do this easily. A tainted sample could have replaced the original one.

As for the Who and Why questions, there are several scenarios. But of course one party involved would have to be the sample collector himself. As for the motive in his case cash would be the obvious reason. MLB only employs collectors as part time people so they don't make much money at this.

Consider the Mitchell report. All statements by players were guaranteed confidentiality yet many of the names were leaked - no doubt there was a lure of cash to give those names out. The precedent was set and it happened again in this case. Coincidence?

Now for the paying partner. What could be their reason for wanting to tarnish Braun's rep and get him off the field? Several possibilities exist. Perhaps a rival wanted to mess with him. Maybe a zealous fan or member of a rival organization. Think of LaRussa's attitude - willing to throw at Braun - someone else with the Cards or another rival team or a crazy rich fan might have offered money to bring down Braun.

Another option is some sleazy reporter wanting to set this up so he would have an inside scoop on the story.

Another scenario would be a member of MLB or a network or a major sponsor glued to the bottom line. Ratings are lower if the small market Brewers are in post season play, which means less profit for advertisers, networks, and MLB. Just one loose cannon in any of those groups might have thought he was helping his career and profit margin by initiating a drug sample switch and would have been willing to pay a lot to do this.

Maybe I am just cynical or paranoid, but something strange happened. I am curious to see what facts come out later down the road.

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