2012 BCB Community Projections: 1B and 3B

Feb 26, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Mat Gamel (24) during photo day at Maryvale Baseball Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

These two spots were manned by Prince Fielder and Casey McGehee in 2011, and those players are now on other teams. However, we only have one unfamiliar face in the three players we will project at these positions. I'm especially curious to see our expectations for Mat Gamel, who I assume will be the regular with the most variation in projections because we have no real idea what to expect.

Aramis Ramirez

2010: .241/.294/.452, 507 PA

2011: .306/.361/.510, 626 PA

ZiPS: .278/.340/.476, 519 PA

RotoChamp: .289/.352/.495, 543 PA

Ramirez's 2010 really looks like an outlier in his career. At this stage, the biggest issues for Ramirez are going to be staying healthy and playing defense. I wonder if the Brewers will consider playing him at first base if his defense looks bad and the Gamel experiment doesn't work out (though I think it will). I'd certainly be happy with those two projections listed.

Mat Gamel

2010, AAA: .309/.387/.511, 359 PA

2011, AAA: .310/.372/.540, 545 PA

ZiPS: .264/.341/.433, 534 PA

I'd imagine the RotoChamp methodology doesn't account for minor league numbers, or doesn't do it well, at least. The ZiPS line is something close to what I expect and I think we wouldn't complain too loudly if that's where he ends up. If he proves able to not be horrible at defense at first (0 to -5 runs) that would make him something close to an average first basemen. And when you look at those pretty AAA lines, you know there's upside here. He had a .332 wOBA in his 150 PAs back in '09, even if he can do that things will not be looking too bad for the Brewers at first.

Taylor Green

2010, AA: .260/.336/.438, 451 PA

2011, AAA: .336/.413/.583, 487 PA

ZiPS: .264/.324/.423, 589 PA

There's no guarantee that Green will even open with the Brewers, but it would make sense for him to stay with the team and back up the corners. He's also played second base in the past and could get a look as the backup there as well. It doesn't make much sense to have Green at first with Ramirez at third because switching their positions would be a stronger defensive lineup, but I doubt the Brewers would shuffle around Ramirez. If Gamel were to get hurt or hit poorly, the logical move would be to let Green play third and move Ramirez. I really have no idea what to expect from Green, though, because there's such a variation in his last two seasons. It should be interesting to watch.

Projections are below the jump. Instructions for format are in the box below the title. Have fun! The percentage of playing times don't need to add up to 100 at each position because we can plan on some other players getting time at first and third.

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