BCB Fantasy: Leagues Set/Rules/Discussion

This year, we had exactly 52 people join our fantasy baseball association. Last year, we had 40 people. Fourteen people have dropped since last year, so we have 27 returning competitors. That means we have 25 rookies joining the fun. Ca-razy.

So, as much as I would have liked to keep the Premier League at just ten teams (prestige!), I think that it is going to look more like this:
Premier League - 14 teams
League 2 - 14 teams (one rookie)
League 3 - 12 teams (all rookies)
League 4 - 12 teams (all rookies)

In addition, with that many people having left, the relegation system is going to be much more loose. Nobody is moving down a league this year. Instead, people will only be moving up. This allows for people who have stuck around longer to be rewarded. The unfortunate thing is that everyone still around from league 3 will be moving to league 2, which I guess makes it matter less that you did well last year. Only three people are moving up from league 2 to league 1, though.

With that said, here's how the leagues look, with league 1 and league 2 being in order of finish by regular season standings:

sjlee (19-1) (lost in championship game)
brewcrewshrew (13-7)
GoGregGo (12-8) (Champion of the Premiere League)
Acheron (11-9)
Dikembe Meiztombo (9-11)
brwrsfan39 (6-14)
Noah (5-15)
*masondlo (17-2)
*Yar Nivek (15-4)
*klwillis45 (11-8)
*Rendezvous (11-8)
*Michael M (10-9)
*ilostmy4thfinger (9-10)
*SRB (7-12)

*indicates moving up from league 2


saberilliterate (7-12)
tcyoung (7-12)
Hyatt (6-13)
**Tepo6688 (16-2) (Shared stock in League 3 Champion)
**ntthnttn (16-2 (Shared stock in League 3 Champion)
**golfallday (13-5)
**cheezeconqueso (12-6)
**Mr. Leam (9-9)
**stlouishusker (9-9)
**saltire (13-5)
**kraw (8-10)
**JP (8-10)
**Jeo (6-12)
Charlie Marlow

**indicates moving up from league 3

League 3/Rookie League 1


League 4/Rookie League 2

Whiffleball Tony
Tex Western
The Last Resort

I'll let everyone know who the commissioners are of leagues 3 and 4 when I have that figured out for sure.

Emails will then be sent out almost immediately to join a league, so be sure to check for those at the email address that you used to email me.

Other stuff:

I got 43 responses to the online survey I made, which is pretty spectacular. I wasn't expecting that many. So first, a thank you to everyone who took the time to fill one out.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. When I asked if we should do a H2H points system similar to fantasy baseball (like we did last year) or H2H Each Category, I didn't exactly get a definite response.

In fact, 15 people indicated that they at least somewhat preferred the points system (one sort of prefer, 11 prefer, 3 very much prefer) while 15 people indicated they prefer H2H each category. (4 sort of, 5 prefer, 6 very much prefer). If I, say, weight "sort of prefer" as one points, "prefer" as two points, and "strongly prefer" as three points, there are 32 points for points and 32 points for H2H each. That's ridiculous. Seriously.

Me, I would prefer H2H all categories. But I didn't think there was that much interest in it. If there is, say so in the comments.

Otherwise, I don't know. I'll figure something out. Let each commish choose or something. Look at results by each league to see if there are strong opinions in every league. Something like that.

Similarly, there was little consent on changing wins to quality starts and 5x5 vs 6x6 (potentially).

You guys were supposed to make my job easy. But noooo, everyone has to have a different opinion.

So, if you have any opinions on any of this, any suggestions, or want to actually do H2H all categories, make your voice heard in the comments.

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