Brewers 7, Cubs 4: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

That was pretty good. If that wind's not blowing in it could have been really good. Braunie (Ryan Braun) absolutely killed his ball, and Rami (Aramis Ramirez) turned around and smokes one also. But that's Wrigley Field. These guys talk about how a lot of the time you pitch to the elements and we still did a nice job.

On Chris Narveson:

Narvy was pretty good, sometimes he gets off with his command and all of a sudden he'll lose those fastballs up in the zone but he did a nice job battling. And Estrada comes in, we're in a tough spot whether to put him back out there to hit and let him go another inning or get him out. We went for the offense. But everything worked out ok.

On Kameron Loe:

Kam was good. Yeah, the sinker was working and he threw a couple of nice breaking balls and a nice changeup to get an out. So yeah, he threw the ball well.

On John Axford getting the day off:

We had talked before the game, I really didn't want to use him. So I told him I wouldn't use him today. Of course things come up sometimes where there's an emergency and you may need need an out or two, but I wanted to stay away from him.

On having Francisco Rodriguez as a second closer:

It's great. Huge advantage for us.

On getting production from the bottom of the order.

Yeah, Gonzalez again. He must just be that much stronger than Braunie and Rami. (laughs) Rami even said maybe Rami's faster than he is with the stolen base.

On Carlos Gomez and the #2 spot:

Yeah, I always like Gomey there with a left hander because I think he's going to do a pretty good job. But with the right-handers too he's having good at bats against them. So it's not like I see a right-hander come in and I want to get Nyjer (Morgan) in there right away. I like what he's doing.

On taking advantage of mistakes:

Right. And that's what Johnny's (Narron) been telling the guys we need to do.

On the elements tonight:

It was cold. Well, some of those guys it doesn't affect as much. I don't know why that is, some guys just handle the cold better than others. You look out there and I'm looking at Gonzo (Alex Gonzalez) with his sleeves to here and he's like it's not cold. And then you've got guys with facemasks on and (someone interrupted) I know. So I don't know why that is. I know one thing: I was really cold sitting on the bench.

On the facemasks:

I would've liked one.

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