Prognostikeggers 2012 - Week 2: Brewers vs. Rockies

He may not be the most popular Brewer, but he's definitely one of the hardest-working Brewers. He does it all, from taking a hard hit and preventing a run, to wearing stickers on his fingernails to help communicate with the pitcher. That hard work could translate to more points for you in this series.

We're halfway through week 2, and it's a close competition so far. Four people are tied for first, and there are 20 people within 3 points of each other. How will this week play out? It won't be the way you think, as I'm bringing something back this week that could be a game changer. Do you need an opportunity to earn some points? Here is your chance to take a risk and maybe get a big payout because of it. Check out the rules for it now.

Player Bonus: For those of you who played last season, you will remember this. There were series where I gave out bonus points for making predictions based on a certain player. This season, these will make a monthly appearance, and the opportunity for these points is increased. Here is how it will work this season. I will name a player, and any prediction involving him that you get correct will be worth one additional point. Specifically, here are the three this will affect:

- Bonus Prediction: As with last season, you can get an additional point on any bonus prediction involving the player. The prediction must occur during the game, and must earn a minimum of one point under normal circumstances.

- MVP Prediction: An additional point opportunity exists with the MVP prediction. If you pick the chosen player as the MVP, and he is the MVP of the game, you will get an extra point for that pick for a total of three points.

- Extra Prediction: For these series, an extra prediction will be provided that will give you an opportunity to name a player for the extra prediction. If you name the selected player and are correct, you will get an additional point for the prediction.

For this series, since his bobblehead day is coming up on Sunday, the chosen player is Jonathan Lucroy. With Randy Wolf making a start yesterday, he should be cleared for a start in every game this weekend. The newest franchise catcher is your ticket to more points. Any bonus, MVP, and extra prediction you get correct that involves Jonathan Lucroy will be worth one additional point. Is this a great opportunity for you? The only way to find out is to take a chance. (Note: For this series, if George Kottaras does get the start in a game, I'll extend the bonus to him as well for that game only.)

Extra Prediction for the Series: Obviously, I am going to give you an extra prediction this week that involves choosing a player. What will it be for this series? Here it is, and it's a simple one. Predict the Brewer that will record the team's fifth hit. If you are correct, you will get two points. If you pick the player that gets the fourth or sixth hit instead, you will earn one point. (Note: For this prediction, if the same player records more than one of these hits, only the highest scoring one counts.)

(Click here to view the rules for Prognostikeggers.)

Entry Forms

April 20 - Jhoulys Chacin vs. Shaun Marcum
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 7:10 PM CDT
Click here to view all predictions

April 21 - Drew Pomeranz vs. Marco Estrada
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 6:10 PM CDT
Click here to view all predictions

April 22 - Jeremy Guthrie vs. Yovani Gallardo
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 1:10 PM CDT
Click here to view all predictions

Check out detailed scoring from the last series after the jump.

Weekly Winners

Week 1 dvtpz, steaksandwiches

Overall Standings

Week 2 Standings

Scoring Summary

April 17 Scoring

Attendance 27159 0 Correct
Runs 5 Runs 6 Correct
Hits 9 Hits 10 Correct
Errors 1 Errors 15 Correct
MVP George Kottaras 0 Correct
Sausage Race Hot Dog 6 Correct
Extra – Game Winning Run 9th Inning 5 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

Dulzy 3 Points Weeks 2 xbase hits
proachinf 2 Points Gamel HR
icecreamman 3 Points Brewers win on a walk-of hit
MKEtotheATX 3 Points Brewers score on suicide squeeze
molitorfan 2 Points Gamel HR

April 18 Scoring

Attendance 30189 8 Correct @ 2 Points
Runs 3 Runs 1 Correct
Hits 7 Hits 1 Correct
Errors 0 Errors 16 Correct
MVP Nyjer Morgan 0 Correct
Sausage Race Italian 12 Correct
Extra – Game Winning Run 10th Inning 0 Correct

Bonus Predictions

ballacksrise 3 Points Greinke has a XBH
vandecm 1 Point Greinke gets a base hit
Loeffleitroms 1 Point Greinke WHIP below 0.99
OlyKnows 3 Points Carlos Gomez outfield assist

April 19 Scoring

Attendance 30091 4 Correct @ 2 Points
Runs 3 Runs 2 Correct
Hits 8 Hits 6 Correct
Errors 0 Errors 17 Correct
MVP Travis Ishikawa 0 Correct
Sausage Race Bratwurst 10 Correct
Extra – Game Winning Run 5th Inning 15 Correct @ 1 Point, 5 Correct @ 3 Points

Bonus Predictions

No correct bonuses.

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