A defense of a Brewer Fan

There is a Brewers fan that get's a ton of attention, but more hate than I have ever seen from fellow fans.

I'm sure you are all familiar with Front Row Amy (if not, google front row amy and you'll see some images). From what I understand, she is a season ticket holder that has a seat right behind home plate, keeps score at every game, and is an attractive young lady. And she gets more hate than any person I've ever seen.

I follow her on twitter and she is, by all interactions, just another rabid brewers fan. But people just rip her because she wears low cut shirts and posts pictures of herself online in a bikini. And this is where I get confused.

People, whose opinions I respect and consider interesting, have said some pretty rough things about her. And I don't get it.

It's all part of this phenomena called, for lack of a better term, "slut shaming". For those unfamiliar with the term, Brandon Stroud from wrote the best definition I've read. When writing about an incident in WWE, he defined slut shaming as:

the idea that it’s okay to shame or attack a woman for being sexual, acknowledging sexual feelings, acting on sexual feelings or having one or more sexual partners. If you’re a woman and you have the sex that traditional society disproves of, you’re bad and you should feel bad. If you wank dismissively hard enough at it, it can be caused by things that don’t even have to do with how much sex you’re having, like wearing tight clothes, drinking, “asking for it” or the myriad of other bullsh*t excuses people with no goddamn sense or compassion use to keep their slippery position at the top of the social food chain.

This get's a little deeper than I needed to go, but it applies. If she's proud of her body and likes to show off her assets, SO WHAT? Is she lessening your enjoyment of the game at all? If she likes drawing attention to herself by showing off a little cleavage, who am I to say "no, you can't do that." It's not my place to judge her for wearing her clothes, just as it's not her place to judge the track pants and ratty tshirts I wear.

If you really question her passion as a fan, feel free to read her interview from last October that chose to do with her. This was the result of Deadspin hunting her down because those guys like finding women who are attractive at sporting events. Unlike some, she took it in stride and accepted the attention as opposed to shying away from it (see the saga of Longhorn Girl). Nothing in there, or anything I've seen her write on twitter has made me question her fandom or her personal feelings for her team.

Perhaps the attention is just what she was looking for all along, but who cares? If she want's to drop $6000+ on a full season seat, not to mention the hundreds of dollars in gas to come from Oshkosh, and food at the park, that's her money and her business. I respect that kind of financial commitment to a team. More than I can say I do, or even have done in the past.

My final thought on this is that she's a Brewer fan. She's part of the family. Leave her be.

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