The JBL 2: Red, White and Blonde Week 2 Review

What a fun week that was. So much happened this week. And most importantly, the JBL had it's 2nd week. But first, we need to have a memorial.

My brand new Kindle Fire died on Saturday. It was such an awesome tool. I won it from work, got it the nice otterbox case and everything. I was able to watch the Brewers games in the back yard on my MLB.TV and actually read the Game of thrones books, ALL ON ONE DEVICE!!! I was in heaven... and then my son tossed it in our pool. I. am. crestfallen. Things don't taste as good. Colors aren't as bright. But it's ok. This would have affect me more if I felt feelings anymore.

On to the games, with NO TIES THIS WEEK!!!

Saltire's My other car is a gallardo crushed Leam's Larget Slaggers 8-2: Oh man, what a slaughter. Leam's team ERA was an even 6.00 for the week. Saltire beat him by 15 RBI, 9 SB, and 35 points of WHIP. As Bomani Jones would say, this was just a #BEATEMDOWN.

Charlie Marlow's TLR's Social Drinkers beat Kraw's John Jaha's Shirsey 7-3: This could have been even worse, but Kraw snuck out RBI and SB by one each. He can thank big weeks from Matt Kemp and Chase Headley, Charlie had big weeks from unlikely sources AJ Pierrzynski and alex Rios as well as great pitching with a Team ERA of 2.16.

Stlouishusker's Perpetual Motion Squad beat Jeo's At the table, Like People? 7-3: a bad pitching week leads to another blowout as JEO got screwed by Jon Lester, Ricky Nolasco, Brad Lidge, Bud Norris, and Gavin Floyd. Michael Young and Alex Gordon's good weeks went for naught as Husker was led by Michael Bourn and Mat Gamel to victory. Even pitching performances by his entire staff with no one really screwing up.

Hyatt's Actually Doug, I knew her well beat Tepo's Irritable Foul Syndrome 7-3: I decided to try to cut back my fantasy baseball playing this year since I now have 2 kids under the age of 2. I ended up with 6. I'm weak. But my team is strong! And my 14 categories won lead the league after 2 matches. So there's that. Mark Teixeira led my offense, and Brandon Beachey was pretty phenomenal. Tepo had Rick Porcello. Look at Porcello's one start this week. That's why he lost. I'll hand out my week awards later, but Porcello makes the list.

nthnttn's More than Conquerors beat cheezconqueso's It Brauns when I pee 6-3-1: Nick Swisher and Matt Joyce led the Conquerors offensively and King Felix and James Shields led his staff to victories in all 4 rate stats. He even overcame the brilliant decisioin to start Kevin Millwood. why anyone would do that is beyond me, but there it is. Cheez had his best performance from Ryan Sweeney offensively, but Johan and Justin Masterson got roughed up and that led to his downfall.

JP's Overclocked Rebellion beat Saberillerate's It's Aoki with me 6-3-1: Offensive Domination, thy name is JP. Big weeks from Mike Napoli, Josh Hamilton and Longoria led to JP having the only team to slug over .500 this week. Winning just 2 pitching categories gave him the win. Alfonso Soriano and John Mayberry Jr. combined for 1 hit for Saber. His pitching was ok, but it wasn't enough.

Timcyoung's A Dale's Sveagina beat golfallday's Poopy Pence 6-4: The Ringer took every pitching category and SB, and that's all it takes for a win for the week. 6 great starts from Weaver, Cueto, and Verlander led to this victory. golfallday had a good offensive week from Kendrys Morales, but not enough pitching to overtake Timcy.

Updated Leaderobards:

Category Week Overall

Runs nthnttn 43 nthnttn and golfallday 107

RBI JP 49 Kraw 102

SB Saltire 12 Saltire 29

OBP nthnttn .387 nthnttn .366

SLG JP .518 nthnttn .490

QS Timcy 10 Tepo, cheez, and husker 17

SV Timcy 7 JP 17

K Timcy 82 Timcy 183

ERA Timcy 2.00 Saber 2.411

WHIP Charlie 1.02 Charlie 1.01

And now for some Awards

Tuffy Rhodes Offensive Player of the Week: AJ Pierzynski and Ryan Sweeney

AJ Hawk of the week: Rick Porcello

Offensive AJ HAwk of the week: John Mayberry Jr.

the Cmon Man, you're better than this Player of the week: Justin Upton, who has 0 RBI as of today.

Feel free to rip the sh*t out of Rick Porcello, or yourself for starting Kevin Millwood. You should know better.

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