Twitter Lunch Transcript: 4/26/2012

Apr 25, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Travis Ishikawa (45) hits a home run on a pitch by Houston Astros pitcher J.A. Happ (not pictured) during the second inning at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

I sat down today with a late lunch and a dream: To answer lots of Brewer related questions while eating soup and a grilled cheese. The feature is called Twitter Lunch, and today roughly a dozen followers of the @BrewCrewBall Twitter feed took part in it. Here's what we discussed:

@ccallaway33: How much regular PT has Ishikawa earned? What's the season long solution for Narveson?

BCB: Ishikawa: None really. Two good days, but Gamel has much more upside short and long term.

BCB: As for Narveson, I think Marco Estrada would have to completely embarrass himself to be removed from that spot short term.

@acmepackingco: Do we have the most average, middle of the road starting pitching in the league? I could look it up but you're right here.

BCB: As long as Gallardo, Greinke and Marcum are still in the rotation, I think you have to rank them above that.

@mynameisjesseg: What do you think Nyjer Morgan could net us in a trade?

BCB: I'm not sure how many contending teams need a center fielder, but there must be some. Past issues lower his value.

@timmyt3477: any chance a deadline trade gets pulled even up sveum for roenicke??:)

BCB: Maybe a 3 team deal to send them both to Kansas City.

The rest of the questions and answers are after the jump. Thanks to everyone that participated, and don't forget to follow @BrewCrewBall on Twitter to be a part of the next Twitter Lunch.

@grizzly1530: when do you think we should be concerned about Weeks? Especially since they have a lead off capable bat in aoki.

BCB: At the moment I'm not concerned. If he had a stretch like this May 15-June 15, no one notices.

@jadamsky: I read your stuff occasionally but I'm still confused, do you dislike roenicke? And what's you opinion on the bullpenn?

BCB: I think Roenicke does a handful of things well. I like him better than Macha/Yost. But he's a frequent strategic fail.

BCB: I think the bullpen will be fine if starting pitchers go deeper into games.

@beckerbob: What exactly will it take for the to unload Manny Parra? He will never live up to his potential. He's a head case.

BCB: I don't think Parra is as bad as some think, or has as much potential as others think. I doubt the org will give up on him.

@steelmann58: what minor league arms have the best chance of advancing.

BCB: I feel like it wouldn't surprise me if Jungmann and Bradley move up any day now. Drew Gagnon might have shown enough, too.

@markcoddington: The high BABIP so far: Luck, bad defense, or both? (SSS, I know)

BCB: I think some of it's bad pitching. There's some luck involved, but the balls getting through aren't softly hit bleeders.

@steelmann58: Hoe long does AR sit in the 5 hole and think the crew looking at the middle inning core for an upgrade?

BCB: Ramirez is hitting fourth, not fifth, and I'm not sure how much the team would benefit by moving him at the moment.

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