Brewer Bargains

Note: I originally worked on this project on 4-5 as a draft but the info is still relevant. Long suffering Brewer fans may be a bit sad about some of the less than fun chapters in history but it was so fun researching this!

Greinke contract for 2012:$13.5M

■award bonuses: $50,000 each for Gold Glove, All Star, LCS MVP; $0.1M for WS MVP; $0.1M for Cy Young ($50,000 for 2nd-5th place); $0.1M for MVP ($50,000 for 2nd-5th place)

He is a good price for a former Cy Young award winning starter considering we paid Jeff Suppan 12.75 million to go 0-2 with a 7.84 ERA in 2010 when he made 15 appearances, 13 of which were in relief.

Aramis Ramirez 2012:$6M,

Not bad for a well respected player around the league who should produce. In 2006 we paid Corey Koskie 6.25 million and he appeared in all of 76 games.

Yovani Gallardo 2012:$5.5M

■Gallardo may void 2015 option by earning 6 points based on 2010-14 Cy Young vote (5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place)

■full no-trade clause for 2010-12 seasons, may block deals to 10 clubs thereafter

Yo is a solid bargain to have on the staff. In 2000 we paid Jaime Navarro 5 million and he ended up pitching in only five games, and his era was 12.54.

Nyjer Morgan of

1 year/$2.35M (2012)

■performance bonuses: $25,000 each for 500, 525 plate appearances

Not a bad price for a guy who is electric and a fan favorite. We paid Marquis Grissom 5 million in 2000 and he had the lowest on base percentage of his career to that point, 288. Every year prior to that he was well over 300.

Jose Veras rhp 1 year/$2M (2012)

David Riske 4.5 million in 2010. He made 23 appearances and his era was 5.01. Veras should be better and we got him for a guy we probably weren't going to keep anyway.

John Axford rhp

1 year/$0.525M (2012)

Obviously he hasn't hit the big free agent pay window yet but of course this is a steal for an efficient closer.

Before salaries got out of control in baseball Mike Fetters was paid 400,000 in 1994 and he had 17 saves. Overall he made 42 appearances and had a respectable ERA of 2.54 but he also did take four losses.

Lucroy ■5 years/$11M (2012-16), plus 2017 club option ■signed extension with Milwaukee 3/26/12, replacing 1 year deal signed 3/12 ■$0.5M signing bonus ■12:$0.5M, 13:$0.75M, 14:$2M, 15:$3M, 16:$4M, 17:$5.25M club option ($0.25M buyout) ■if Lucroy qualifies as a Super 2 after 2012 season, salaries increase to $1.9M in 2013, $2.3M in 2014, $3.3M, $4.25M in 2015 ■limited no-trade protection

Its all about being efficient with the payroll. Lucroy should produce well and is a steal for a starting catcher considering most backup catchers make what he does.

In 2003 we paid Keith Osik 455,000 and he batted 249 in 80 games.


■2 years/$2.5M (2012-13), plus 2014 club option

■12:$1M, 13:$1.25M, 14:$1.5M club option ($0.25M buyout)

■performance bonuses based on games (75-150) and starts (100-140):

■$1.675M in 2012, $0.8375M in 2013, $1.0875M in 2014

■2013 salary increases by one half of 2012 bonuses earned

He can make starts in the outfield and provide a bat off the bench. His one million base salary this year is a steal in my book.

Kevin Mench made 3.4 million in 2007. he batted 267 with 8 homers, and the 8 homers was the lowest total of his career when appearing in 100 games or more.

Alex Gonzalez■1 year/$4.25M (2012), plus 2013 vesting option

■signed by Milwaukee as a free agent 12/9/11

■2013 option guaranteed at $4M with 525 plate appearances in 2012

He should produce well and isn't bad for the price. In 2001, Jose Hernandez played SS and batted 249 and led the league in strikeouts with 185 while making 3.33 million.

Randy Wolf 2012:$9.5M

performance bonuses: $0.125M each for 190, 200 innings

$0.25M assignment bonus if traded

limited no-trade clause

Not a bad price for an innings eater veteran starting pitcher who doesn't get hurt. We paid Ben Sheets 9.625 million in 2006 and he pitched all of 106 innings in the big leagues, the lowest of his career.

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