Brewers 4, Twins 5 (11 innings): Super Late Recap

Pretty much, Rickie. Pretty much.

Win: Jeff Gray (3-0)
Loss: Manny Parra (0-1)
Save: Matt Capps (9)

HR: Aramis Ramirez (3), Trevor Plouffe (4)

MVP: Aramis Ramirez (.155 WPA)
LVP: Rickie Weeks (-.241 WPA)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph

Four losses in a row and counting.

At least the Brewers made it close in this one. However, they did spoil six innings of Yovani Gallardo pitching wherein he allowed just one earned run. They also gave Carl Pavano perhaps his best start of the year: 6 IP, 2 ER, 6 K.

Despite falling behind 4-2 after the top of the eighth inning, a two-run Aramis Ramirez home run (please be heating up) pulled Milwaukee back into a tie. That tie was preserved until the eleventh inning when Manny Parra allowed a home run to Trevor Plouffe. I don't know who Trevor Plouffe is or why he's beating the Brewers, but he did. The Brewers couldn't come back from a second deficit.

Rickie Weeks was really, really bad. You know how this has been a difficult season for him? This is a contender for his worst game of the season. If you read my preview, you might know that he came into the game with a .000/.000/.000 line against Carl Pavano. Tonight he went 0-5 with four strikeouts. To top it off, he also made a throwing error. Rickie Weeks is one of my favorite Brewers. I want so badly for him to start doing well again. But he has not shown any signs of coming back to life.

Nyjer Morgan, on the other hand, did. He went 3-5 today with three runs scored. The Brewers 1-5 hitters, by the way, picked up nine hits. The rest of the Brewers lineup? Zero. Ryan Braun and Corey Hart had a couple apiece while Ramirez and Jonathan Lucroy each had one and Morgan picked up his three.

Kameron Loe allowed one run in 0.1 innings, Juan Perez walked the only batter he faced, Manny Parra gave up the game winning home run as his only hit in two innings and Francisco Rodriguez gave up a run on three hits. Jose Veras pitched a clean 0.2 innings and John Axford pitched one clean inning.

I don't know. I'm normally pretty optimistic about the Brewers, even last year when they were struggling. But boy am I losing faith fast.

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