Nyjer Morgan And The Zero That Will Not Die

MILWAUKEE, WI - MAY 8: Nyjer Morgan #2 of the Milwaukee Brewers walks off the field after a strike out during the game against the Cincinnati Reds at Miller Park on May 8, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

About two weeks ago I wrote a post about an odd statistical quirk involving Nyjer Morgan, who at that point had set a Brewer franchise record by opening the season with 98 consecutive plate appearances without an RBI. I never expected to end up writing a follow-up to that post, but here we are: Morgan has hit .290/.371/.290 in 36 plate appearances since that post, but is still looking for RBI #1.

Morgan made four plate appearances last night and is now up to 134 this season. His 120 at bats to start a season without an RBI are a new major league record*, and he's only the seventh NL player since 1918 and the first since 1969 to break 100:

Player Season Team(s) AB before first RBI
Nyjer Morgan 2012 Brewers 120
Chris Cannizzaro 1965 Mets 110
Wally Gilbert 1928 Dodgers 108
Manny Mota 1969 Expos, Dodgers 107
Lloyd Waner 1927 Pirates 105
Sonny Jackson 1966 Astros 105
Don Landrum 1963 Cubs 103

* - For non-pitchers. Also, B-Ref's game-by-game data only goes back to 1918, so it's possible there are others from before then.

No American Leaguer has broke 100 since Larry Milbourne of the 1982 Yankees, Twins and Indians went 112.

Morgan also was held without an RBI in his last 16 at bats of the 2011 regular season. Overall, his streak of 136 at bats without an RBI is now easily the longest for a non-pitcher in Brewer franchise history:

Player Season(s) Games At Bats
Nyjer Morgan 2011-12 46 136
Rick Auerbach 1972 31 114
Buck Martinez 1978-79 34 99
Juan Castillo 1987-88 36 97
Dave May 1974 26 96

The Brewers' overall record belongs to Ben Sheets, who went 168 at bats between RBI from July of 2004 to April of 2008. Amazingly, Morgan might only be two weeks or so away from holding that record too.

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