Random Thoughts, And a Few Moves I Would Make.

Straight up, I would not fire Roenicke, but it would not totally surprise me if he was fired at some point. Last night's game was not Ron's fault, but there is cause and effect over at least a month, which lead up to last night. Like anyone, I'm disappointed, I have been angry, but I'm over that. There comes a point in time when you figure something bad is going to happen, and this is reinforced when things do go drastically wrong. But like most of us I remain a fan.

If ever RRR was fired and Jerry Narron took over as interim manager, I feel initially not much would change. In fact, in accordance with ML policy, at least one minority candidate must be interviewed. So keeping that in mind, and in no particular order, there a a few names I would like to throw out as candidates.


Tony Pena.

Bud Black (if ever he was available)

Willie Randolph.

Terry Francona (I wish)

Ryne Sandberg

Mike Guerrero (I am not sure, it's just a name)

Then I would make a few roster changes, effective immediately.

1. Release Livian Hernandez.

2. Estrada to AAA if he has options. If no options, I would send him to the bullpen.

3. Bring up Wily Peralta, he replaces Estrada in the rotation and since he pitched yesterday, he will take his normal rest days.

4. Activate Marcum, 14 August as planned.

5. Wolf to the bullpen in order to allow Marcum to start.

Random thoughts.

Carlos Gomez is again hitting his thrice yearly funk. He is such a brilliantly talented player, that you have to keep him around. But as soon as RRR announces he's playing regularly, he suddendly goes AWOL at the plate. He gets around so quickly on the high inside fastball, you wonder why he doesn't hit 25 HR's per year. But that in itself makes him easy to fool. He is particularly ineffective move runners over with less than 2 out. I would put him back on platoon.

Of course I'm keeping Aoki in the game everyday.

Segura plays. I did retract my earlier comments about "Pancho" and Alex Gonzalez being suspect on defense, actually it was a perception, but I couldn't back it up with facts or stats.

I still can't come to grips with some terms in use. Example: WAR, I know it means wins over replacement, and I guess I know what that means. But i still don't know how it's calculated and in relation to what?

You know what? I love this club and I'm still wildly optimistic for next year. We have been talking about roster changes, but we have talked about that on another thread, so I'm omitting that.

But making the assumption that Segura is the everyday SS, I would estimate we need a No.2 starter more than anything.

I said it's random.

So over to you?

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