BCB Fantasy Football: Leagues Set, Draft Date Discussion

We've dropped a little in participation this year, and I think that's because people aren't enjoying the Brewers as much. That'll happen in a down year with a bullpen that's as effective as a dollar store condom. First some housekeeping:

I still need team names approved by my wife for Kfeyzi and Masondolo

The brilliant* and hilarious** tcyoung brought up that the first weekend in September is labor day weekend. Also, some of you are college students and may be moving to campus next weekend. I would like to set the draft for that first weekend in September, but I know you'll all be getting just demolished. Next weekend is an option too. We can do weekday evening drafts, I just need to get 75% participation. And I'm commishing each league. So decisions need to be made and I will try my best to accomodate, but I can't make guarantees until I have info. So comment on the following:

Write your league number and which works for you (or if multiple do, tell me that):

1) Aug 25th & Aug 26th

2) Sept 1st & Sept 2nd

3) a weeknight draft (specify when available only if you can't do the weekends)

Scoring has not been addressed. We are having standard scoring across the leagues so power ranks are easy to do. So 3 options for you all, most popular one wins.

1) 4 point QB TDs, no PPR

2) 6 point QB TDs, no PPR

3) 6 Point QB TDs, PPR

Here is who is in each league

League 1

Hyatt Sanchez's Lil Black Yearbook
tepo6688 Jintao Athletic Labor Camp
Mr Leam Cam, I Wish I was your lover
brewcrewbrian Jerry Sandusky's Little Giants
Icecreamman Ice Cold Bruschis
Olyknows Saints $10k Sack Attack
JEO Unemployed Honey Badgers
Fiesta Stomp The Yard ft. N. Suh
CheezConQueso Finley Shades of Gray

League 2

Hyatt Man-Sploosh
Dikembe Meiztumbo Ocho Benoit
DoubleB440 Supreme Leader Kim John Kun
arfuture1985 Hey That's My Dick Jauron
texwestern JoPas Blind Eye
rendezvous Mustached Americans
aaronetc Flood the Zone w/ Cheryl Tunt
jerryheldred Two Mannings One Cup
Golfallday Lil Sebastian Janikowski
ObiBraunKenobi Raiders of the lost Glory Hole

League 3

Hyatt Unidentified Rob Ryan Van Stain
BrewGuyTim Spiking the Ball
Noah Jarosh Somebody that I used to So'oto
brewerspug Working To Shiva's Bush
jarlbartar Soapin Up with Jerry's Kids
Zorakathura Burn in Harrell
kfeyzi Ochocinco's Casting Tape
Yar Nivek Man Gets Hit By Football
JP The Duke Silver Experience
tcyoung Rusty Zombone

There are your leagues, give me your input. If we get this done quickly, I'll have invites out by midweek.


** even more so.

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