IT'S. THAT. TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been pretty absentee from the site lately, and as such haven't been able to keep up with the fantasy responsibilities I've set for myself. (How you guys doing JBL?). But one thing I take VERY seriously is my responsibilities when it comes to Fantasy Football. WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN. So below the jump is a primer.

What: Brew Crew Ball Fantasy Football

When: All of football season, but here are the important dates. You must be signed up by Saturday 8/18 at midnight. Otherwise you might not be put into a league. Drafts will take place on August 25th and 26th OR September 1st and 2nd.

Where: On Your Computer. All leagues will be hosted by ESPN because of their better interface. Yahoo is just a little too clunky for my taste.

What do I need to do: You need to sign up in this thread by saying I'm In. You also need to send me an email with your most frequently used email address (this was an issue last year) to hyattff2003 AT yahoo DOT com that includes your BCB name.. This allows me to organize the leagues.

Give your opinion to the following question: Ivet Lalova or Leryn Franco.

In addition, you must come up with a clever/funny/objectionable nickname. Those of you who have done any fantasy league with me before know this. For new people and those that need reminders, here are the guidelines:

A lot of you have participated in my leagues before, so you are aware of the qualifications. For you new people, here goes:

- A team name must be Funny, Clever, and/or Offensive.

- References to pop culture are encouraged as long as they have happened recently. REFERENCES TO POLITICS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. In fact, any PoFlaWas will get yourself banned. You know the rules of the site.

- Puns are acceptable as long as they relate to FOOTBALL AND meet the first criterion.

- Twists on 80s song titles are not only acceptable, but encouraged.

- Archer, Parks & Rec, Workaholics, and Franklin & Bash references are also looked upon VERY favorably.

- My wife has final say on anything that I deem questionable, if she laughs or smiles, it's in.

- I have final approval on any team name.

- Your team name MUST be approved by me. And just so you know, I will not approve any Charlie Sheen sayings. It's lazy and not creative.

ESPN has it set up where you get two 15 character boxes to use for your name. That's 30 characters to work with, so keep it in that size. Some examples from last year:

You had me at Meat Tornado, I just called to say F*ck you, IJustWantToUseYourLovieTonight, And That's How You Get Grants, Afterlife Aquatic with Osama Bin Laden, Jay Cutler's Kneegina, Kuhn Tang Klan ANTFW, Hyatt's Wife and My Kids, Pippa Middleton's Hypnotic a$$, Cromartie's Foster Kid Emporium

League size will be determined by the number of participants. We will have equal sized leagues and standardized scoring so we can have power rankings. And commissioner situation is TBD.


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