UPDATED BCB Fantasy Football Week 1 Preview!

UPDATE!!! I found a mistake in BCB League 3 Scoring. Defenses that allowed 18-21 points scoring are supposed to be awarded 2.5 points, like he other two leagues. The setting had it at 0. This has been corrected and no games were affected.

I find myself with some time, so I'm going to write up a preview this week. I can't guarantee you'll get previews every week, but you will get Power Rankings and Reviews as well. I'm going to try to do these on Thursdays, and the others on Tuesdays.

Let's Get It On!


Hyatt's Sanchez's Little Black Yearbook v. Masondlo's Blackmon's Apologetic Cocktail (-2): For those that don't remember, the (-2) means that Masondlo is favored by 2 points. Starting Witten would not help him in that though. Both teams are stacked, so let's go down the lineups and see who has the advantage: QB- Me, RB- Him, WR- Him, TE- Push, Flex- Me. I give him a slight advantage at WR, but my advantage at QB will trump his advantage at RB. I'm hoping for anything from Owen Daniels to give me a bigger cushion to absorb his Ray Rice advantage. Should be a tight one.

Player no team should own: Michael Crabtree- Michael Crabtree is the player you draft because you rationalize that someone on the 49ers has to catch the ball. But here's the thing: Alex Smith is still Alex Smith and can't get the ball to anyone but his TE and Frank Gore. Crabtree has issues getting open so mr. Tiny Hands can't get him the ball. Don't have Michael Crabtree on your team.

Tepo's Jintao Labor Camp v. Icecreamman's Ice Cold Bruschis (-17): Holy geez are Tepo's running backs bad. Seriously, check out his team- Beanie Wells, Michael Bush, Ced Benson, and Mikel LeShoure. That's really bad. I'm not sure if Cam, Jennings, Marshall, Vernon, and Hernandez can overcome that shit show. And why does Tepo own Cam AND Stafford, as well as 3 good TEs? Please explain that one to me. Drafting to trade will not get the value. (BTW, Greene for Davis still on the table for you). Icecreamman got off to a good start with 16 points from Ahmad Bradshaw last night, though he may want to re-evaluate his TE and Flex choices. I'm not a Torey Smith fan, and Brett Celek is waiver wire fodder.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Jay Cutler- It's not that he's a bad QB. He's not, he's an acceptable fantasy backup. The thing is, no one wants to root for Jay Cutler. Bears fans don't even want to root for Jay Cutler. He's the type of guy that would do Make A Wish and tell the kid "don't get your cancer on me." He's just that kind of sulky asshole. Don't have Jay Cutler on your team.

Olyknows Saint's 10K Sack Attack v. Cheezeconqueso's Finley Shade's of Gray (-46): That's the ESPN line. I am a big believer that Oly's team will be a very good team. Just not this week with all 3 of the RBs in his lineup banged up. I do think it will be closer than the line states, but Cheez's team is really good, and really deep especially at receiver.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Felix Jones- While I understand the logic behind owning Felix, as in Demarco Murray will be hurt by week 4, I can not endorse owning Felix Jones. His 40 time is closer to 5.36. His only weapon is gone and he's just a guy that drops passes out of the backfield now. Don't have Felix Jones on your team.

Leam's CAM, I wish I were your lover (-36) v. brewcrewbrian's Sandusky's Little Giants: Leam got off to a huge start last night with Romo and Dez combining for 44 points. Good for him. Though Brian's squad isn't dead yet. I love his receivers, like his RB choices, and he's got a shot to bring it back, especially with Leam starting Rashaad Jennings at flex. But I don't see Leam dropping this one with his phenomenal RBs and Steve Smith & Jimmy Graham coming down the pipe. There's always next week Brian.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Dustin Keller- It's not like Keller is a bad player. I just don't see the logic in taking up a roster spot with a backup tight end you'll be able to pick up when yours goes on a bye week when you could be taking a high risk high reward skill position player and having him on your bench to see what he does.

JEO's Unemployed Honey Badgers v. Fiesta's Stomp the Yard w/ Ndomukong Suh (-10): Fiesta's team got off to a middling start last night with Murray exceeding expectations (mine) and Cruz falling short. While he still has Megatron, Gates, CJ2K, and Matty Ice to go, JEO has Rodgers and a list of solid players coming up, so this matchup will again be tight.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Actually, I understand the logic of every player on these guys roster. The only maybe question mark is Jermaine Gresham as a backup TE, behind Gates, but he's honestly just good enough to not be left on the waiver wire.


Hyatt's Man Sploosh v. Rendezvous' Mustahched Americans (-5): Victor Cruz dropped 3 balls last night. If he does that again, I'm dropping two balls in his mouth. That's a teabagging joke, son. Outside of that, I like my chances as I think Romeo Crennel will screw up Jamal Charles' value because he's Romeo Crennel. I don't see much weakness in Rendezvous' lineup, but that isn't to say that there isn't.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Kendall Wright has one week to prove himself as a viable option in a tennessee team taking on the patriots and their improved secondary and Kenny Britt coming off suspension next week with Jake Locker throwing the ball. That's a lot of things working against him to even be bye week depth. Don't have Kendall Wright on your team.

Kfeyzi's Ochocinco Casting Tape (-5) v. texwestern's JoPa's blind eye: Tex actually has a shot since Eli had a weak performance last night, and was outscored by 2 of the 3 Cowboys Tex started. Tex's QB this week is Joe Flacco, so you can see how that's quite the disadvantage. Don't miss the draft kids. Kfeyzi was disappointed by Eli, but he has a very strong squad that can make it up.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Mike Tolbert is the 3rd running back in Carolina behind a highly paid starter, a highly drafted backup, and has Cam Newton taking it in in the Red Zone. I don't see a point to him being on the Panthers, let alone being on your fantasy team. Don't have Mike Tolbert on your team.

Aaronetc's Flood the Zone w. Cheryl Tunt (-2) v. ObiBraunKenobi's Raiders of the lost Glory Hole: Another predicted close matchup, but I don't see it. There are only so many Patriots that can get the ball, and Obi's lineup is very patriot heavy. No real question marks in Aaronetc's lineup, and I think he'll take this matchup.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Laurent Robinson- Blaine Gabbert is truly awful. The highlight of his season last year was escaping a sack and turning it to a 5 yard gain. Do you really think his second receiver is going to get many looks when he can barely get the ball to his first? Don't have Laurent Robinson on your team.

DoubleB440's Supreme Leader Kim John-Kun v. Arfuture's That's my Dick Jauron (-44): Big line, and with good reason. DoubleB has to start Ben Tate. Why? Because he has 3 QBs on his bench. Again, this is what happens when you miss the draft. Arfuture has a Good lineup with little in the way of Flex position for now.

Player in this matchup no team should own: There are a few, but I'll go with Mario Manningham. The 49ers have Crabtree, Moss, Vernon Davis, and Manningham. Alex Smith is still the QB. Don't have Mario Manningham on your roster.

jerryheldred's 50 Shades of Heyward-Bey (-18) v. golfallday's Lil Sebastian Janikowski: Jerry's team is predicted to score the most this week, and I don't see why not. His team is good top to kicker. Depth isn't much of an issue with a good bench save Russell Wilson. And it's not like golfallday's roster is bad either. I really think he's got a good shot if Peyton remembers he's Peyton Manning, and receives ALL THE TAPANDE!!!

Player in this matchup no team should own: Ruben Randle. With Nicks and Cruz as Eli's primary targets, there's no reason to own the Giant's 4th receiver. Don't have Ruben Randle on your team.


Hyatt's Unidentified Rob Ryan Van Stain v. Zorakathura's Burn in Harrel (-7): First off, let's move Festivus up to this week so we can all tell Hakeem Nicks how disappointed we are in him during the Airing of Grievances. Second, I'm the underdog in all 3 matchups this week. Which I'm cool with. I know this team will be better from week 3 on when Ryan Matthews comes back, so I'm not worried. Zora has a solid squad, but I think I can do better than Willis McGahee at RB and I like Cam better than Big ben. Should be a good matchup.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Shane Vareen. Owning a Pats RB is dangerous enough. Owning the backup is stupid, especially when they are a candidate for going on and coming off IR. Don't own Shane Vareen.

BrewGuyTim's Spiking Montee's Ball (-24) v. jarlbartar's Soapin up with Jerry's kids: ESPN has to be cutting Lynch's totals in their predictions, because I don't see how Jarl is the underdog here. While Brees and Graham are elite, no one on Tim's squad screams big time points. I think Jarl's solid lineup up and down will take this game.

Player in this matchup no team should own: A Backup kicker?!? Really?!? that's just dumb on all fronts. Don't own a backup kicker.

Meiz's Ocho Benoit (-23) v. Timcyoung's Rusty Zombones: Meiz's team looks really good. I'd start Pettigrew over Finley, but seriously, that's a very good looking team. And it's not like Timcy's team is a bunch of slouches either. The only real appreciable advantage is at TE where Pettigrew/Finley really trumps Owen Daniels. And with Romo having a great game last night, Rodgers really has to go off for Timcy to win this one.

Player in this matchup no team should own: two good candidates riding pine here, so I'll bring them both up. Nate Burleson is the 4th option in a detroit offense where the QB has health issues. There is no reason to have a backup defense at all, it's wasting a bench spot. Don't own Nate Burleson or a backup defense.

Noah Jarosh's Somebody I used to So'oto v. brewerspug's Working to Shiva's Bush (-9): As a side note, once the packers trim down from 9 line backers, I'm pretty sure the two packer linebacker inspired names will no longer be relevant to packers linebackers. Noah is going to have a juggernaut once his team gets integrated back into the offense and healthy. AP and MJD are a monster tandem that will get limited carries this week. But I still like Noah as Eli had a bad week. The pug does have a good team, but little in the way of depth. An injury or 2 to his lineup could dust his season.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Pug has 2 backup QBs to play one bye week this year. That is ridiculous. Don't have 2 backup QBs on your team if you have a good QB.

Yar Nivek's Man getting hit by football (-27) v. JP's The Duke Silver Experience: I disagree vehemently with this line. JP will win this week. No knock on Yar's lineup, but Brady is better than Stafford, Foster is great, but the drop to richardson is too great to overcome both SJax and Sproles, I Roddy and Colston are equal to Welker and Bowe, Hernandez is better than Tgonz, and the only big advantage Yar has is Vjax over Moore at Flex. I think this will be close with JP overcoming. Again, not to say Yar's lineup isn't good, it is. Just not as good as JPs.

Player in this matchup no team should own: Kellen Winslow. Find a team. Then come be a bye week replacement. Don't have Kellen Winslow on your team.

That was fun. Good luck everyone.

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