Corey Hart, Rickie Weeks, And Aramis Ramirez

The 2012 season was a disapointment. Between a horible bulpen situation, Rickie Weeks having the worst season of his life, and a payroll pushing 100 million the year was a loss. Reviewing the season in my head i, the forever future thinker, started thinking about what will happen in the next couple years. We have a good veteran core locked up for mutiple years (Braun, Gallardo, Weeks, Lucroy), and some young players with team control (Segura, Fiers, Peralta, Thornburg). The biggest question I see is payroll. Will we ever see another $100 million team? Maybe one da, but not in the near future. So lets look at the BIG contracts that could be expendable at the trade deadline and if that player leaves who would fill that position.

1. Corey Hart- Last year of his contract and could net us a good prospect or 2. His replacement for this year would be either Matt Gamel or Taylor Green.

2. Aramis Ramirez- He is making 10 million this year and 16 million next year. Thats ALOT of money. Due to the size of his contract the return in a trade could be less than we think. His replacement would be the same as Hart, Gamel or Green.

3. Rickie Weeks- Highest paid player on the brewers this year. He is locked up threw 2015. His value is low right now due to his troubles last season and size of contract. Who would replace him? Scooter Gennett isnt ready yet (but he may be a september call up if he continues to improve)? Taylor Green?

Heres the way i think the brewers should go

Trade Aramis Ramirez and Corey Hart. We would get some good prospects in return and clear up alot of salary room. Have Matt Gamel take over at 1st and Taylor Green at 3rd. At september call ups bring up Scooter Gennett. Play Gennett at second and play Weeks at third (Whoa did he just say weeks at 3rd base? Yes I did!)

I want to see rickie weeks end up at 3rd base. He has the arm, the glove, and has shown the offense to play at 3rd. His biggest problem on deffense is when he has time to think. Rickie Weeks is a Doer not a Thinker. 3rd base is much more of a reaction possition. perfect for weeks and clears 2nd base for Scooter Gennett.

So, what does everyone think?

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