Carlos Gomez wins first career Gold Glove award

This is a picture of Carlos Gomez not catching a ball, but not catching it spectacularly. - USA TODAY Sports

That's right, Andrew McCutchen, you can take the MVP award you're going to win and stick it!

Gold Glove awards are stupid and offense based and etc. etc. etc. but they do seem to be getting a lot better. This year, there really were no controversial choices. No Rafael Palmeiros or anything like that. In fact, each of the Fielding Bible award winners also won a Gold Glove.

That includes the Brewers' own Carlos Gomez, whose stalwart play in center field this year gave him the third most runs saved in a season since that stat started being tracked by the Fielding Bible. This is Gomez's very first Gold Glove award. It probably should be at least his second, but that's OK.

It's something Carlos Gomez deserves. His defense is what kept him in the majors up until 2013 when his offense finally caught up. Milwaukee had both Ryan Braun and Aramis Ramirez as nominees in 2012. Really, neither player much deserved the honor. Gomez absolutely does. And well Gold Gloves may not mean much anymore, you can bet that Gomez is thrilled to win it. And not only because he probably gets a bonus for winning the award (Cots doesn't specify).

Here are a handful of quotes from Gomez in an interview with Tom Haudricourt following the announcement:

"Getting a Gold Glove is a dream come true for me. All of my career, I’ve had to work and I’ve thought of myself as one of the best centerfielders in both leagues. This is special for me, my family and the Brewers organization."
"It’s more fun and exciting because the Brewers organization gave me the opportunity to become the player that I am now," Gomez said when asked about ending the Brewers’ 31-year drought. It means a lot to me. It’s my first Gold Glove and I’ll do the work to get it next year, too."
"I made a few plays people are going to remember. One of those is the catch that I made in Houston, and a few of the home runs I robbed in center field. They make people excited to watch the replays over and over – including myself – and it’s really cool to see yourself make that kind of play. I’m going to continue to work to try and be successful like that."

This is the Brewers first Gold Glove in 31 years. That's crazy! There are nine Gold Glove awards each year in each league! The Brewers have had 270 chances to win a Gold Glove award between 1982 and 2013! That's a .000 winning percentage! Finally, they got one for the good guys. That winning percentage is now .003 since 1982! They're on a roll!

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