MVMeme voting!

Well everyone, I've pretended to be too busy to put this together while spending countless hours just hoping someone would post in the mug so I could talk with them. But today, I finally open the voting for MEME OF THE YEAR!. Remember, this vote is like the MVP for phrases on BCB, so anything is eligible regardless of its service time. You can vote based on whatever criteria you like. Do you have defensive metrics for your Memes? Then use those. If you want to vote for the most clutch meme, or the meme with the highest LAR (laughs above replacement), or just based on simple counting stats do whatever you like. Voting will close Monday night at 10 PM Central, so there will be time to shamelessly plug the voting in the Frosty Mug.

By the way, if I'm not mistaken, you're allowed to vote more than once. I suggest that rather than abusing this to vote for your favorite hundreds of time, you could vote for multiple answers you think are worthy. Or you could vote for one. If you haven't gotten the gist of it yet, you have a lot of freedom in this poll!

Your candidates are:

Removing Cinnamon - Our favorite anagram and abbreviation turned into something much longer and much funnier. Let's hope you recall what abbreviation it is, I sure do.

Box Scores - Could we get them added?

Take a walk, do some drugs - It was a bad year. We had to keep our cool somehow.

Bias confirmed - Technically, it's not confirmation bias if it's true, but that doesn't stop us from joking about it.

#WiscLohseWins and other asinine Twitter polls - Fox Sports found out about Twitter. Look at how onto this whole social media trend they are, and weep!

Motorboat - Carlos Gomez runs real fast, and makes funny noises. Go Gomez Go!

Bunty - Because Roenicke can't remember everyone's name, might as well just call them what they do.

Good things happen when Dikembe goes to the bathroom - Home runs for the Brewers, runs scoring, whatever it is. Let's ship him some laxatives next season.

Wade Davis - Everyone's favorite trade target! He could have fixed the Brewers pitching single handedly for the low low price of Lucroy!

Fire Seid Chats - Bklynbrewcrew likes to make regular appearances and reassure the nation that he can still gripe about Brewers drafting and farm development like a pro.

Trader - Because Cardinals fans understand how to spell and how the free agency system works.

Khrushinator - Changing the spelling of words when Khris Davis is involved is fun for the whole family. Especially if it's the Jarosh family.

Flec'd - It's simultaneously funny and horrifying. I like that you said it, but I hate what you said.

Prospects are just people that aren't dead yet - Sometimes it's hard to tell what distinguishes a "prospect" from minor league filler, but Hyatt gave us a very simple mechanism for identifying prospects.

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