DYNASTY League Baseball simulation media league - How will Harvey's Wallbangers fare?

We have a new Greatest Team Cooperstown media league that uses DYNASTY League Baseball Online to play our games live or have the computer manager profile manage that weeks series. I am managing the 1982 Brewers vs. some very tough competition in the AL and have the Brewers in first place early on.

One interesting note is that several of the 1982 Brewers including Paul Molitor, Jim Gantner and Bob McClure were involved in helping start Pursue the Pennant and it's successor DYNASTY League Baseball. has a blog post on "How Harvey's Wallbangers helped bring Pursue the Pennant and DYNASTY League Baseball to your table top and screen".

Here are the rest of the league members, their teams and a bit about how the league works:

We will be competing for the NL and AL Pennants. The NL and AL Pennant
winners meet in the World Series - it is all perfectly "old school". NL
teams will have the pitcher bat for home games, AL teams will have the DH
for home games.

Each week there is either a two or three game series scheduled to be played
live at Noon ET on Saturday. You have the entire week to reschedule the
live series if you were not able to play it on Saturday. If the series has
not been played by the following Friday the computer manager automatically
plays it for you.

The DYNASTY League Baseball blog has a post on how scheduling works
and the options you have for each series.

Here are the league members:

Mike Cieslinski (DYNASTY League Baseball) Milwaukee 1982

Geoff Reiss (CEO PBA, former SVP/GM ESPN) Seattle 2001

Dan Treuden (DYNASTY League Baseball) Chicago (N) 1929

Michael Lynch ( Boston 1975

Steve Gardner (USA TODAY) Baltimore 1970

Mike Wilner (FAN 590 Toronto) Toronto 1993

Rich Libero (VP Digital Content NBC Sports Comcast Sports Net) 1977 New York

Joe Hamrahi (President Baseball Prospectus) 1986 New York (N)

Caley Roark ( 1993 Philadelphia

Brian Jordan (AM 1100 "The Game", Fox Sports Net, Comcast Sports, MLB
Network, formerly Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, LA Dodgers and Texas
Rangers) 1999 Atlanta

Brian Kenny (MLB Network, formerly ESPN) 1942 St. Louis

You can follow the Cooperstown media league in real time by logging into and clicking on the Cooperstown league link found in the in-progress Greatest Teams leagues.

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