2013 Small Sample Sizes

With the hubbub over our favorite golden-handed utility man and his astounding early dinger display, I thought I would sift through the number thus far to find the exceptional data points that come with pretending that one month's performance provide meaningful totals.

Yovani Gallardo

In 42 IP so far, Yo has had hitters at the plate 41 times where it was possible for him to get a grounder that would create a double play. The 41 opportunities is almost the league lead (42), yet in all those chances the defense has come up with only 2 double plays (4.9%). The league average is 12%.

Yo also has the second-highest line drive percentage in the NL at 28%, but is among the league leaders in not allowing XBH with only 23% of hits going for extra bases.

Marco Estrada

Marco has the 2nd highest HR per fly ball ratio at 20%. Combining that with a low GB/FB ratio of .77 means that when he pitches, the ball be flying everywhere. He leads the NL with a HR% of 6.4%, leads in opposing SLG% at .561, and HR allowed with 11.

Kyle Lohse

Lohse does not walk people. His BB% of 2.8% is second only to Adam Wainwright. Gallardo, Peralta & Lohse are 6th, 7th & 8th among NL pitchers at putting balls into play - about 77% of the time.

Wily Peralta

Second-lowest strikeout percentage in the NL at 11.4%, wedged between John Garland and Jake Westbrook. Leads the league in allowing hitters to reach on error (5).

Hiram Burgos

Burgos has not allowed a runner to steal a base, and opposing hitters have a .243 OB% against him.


Brewer relievers average a league-low 15 pitches per appearance, and are last in the number of times a reliever pitched more than 3 outs (12 times).

Carlos Gomez

Go-go has the league's highest BABIP at .447. He is also leading in AVG (.386), SLG (.675) and OPS (1.106), and second in Power/Speed with 6.5.

Ryan Braun

Braun has the league's second-highest BABIP at .400.

Rickie Weeks

11th in the NL in outs made with 103, and 5th-worst in Offensive Winning Percentage (OWP) at .276. OWP is the "9 LaPortas" measurement, showing how many games a team filled with that player would win. Nine Rickies would lose 117 games.

Jonathan Lucroy

Luc is 4th worst in OWP with a .269.

Alex Gonzalez

Alex mercifully does not have enough PA to qualify for OWP, because 9 of him in a lineup would lose 140 games. he also has the worst fielding percentage on the team of any player with 100+ innings, at .968.

Yuniesky Betancourt

Yuni is one of only 4 players in the NL to play 1B, 2B, SS and 3B this season. He has the league's 5th lowest BB% at 3.5%, and the 4th-highest HR% at 6.9%. That means he's twice as likely to hit a home run as he is to draw a walk.

Norichika Aoki

Nori is 7th in the league of all players at any position for Runs Saved/Yr with 45. Gomez is 12th with 35, and Braun has 19. We might have the overall best outfield in the NL right now. Aoki is one of only 4 every day players in the NL with more BB than K.


The Brewers lead the league with 27 stolen bases. They also lead the league in times caught with 12. They have the forth-lowest stolen base opportunities, so we expect even more attempts in the future. They are 2nd in the league behind STL in TOOTBLANs with 14.

Team Hitting

The Brewers have the most Hr at home (30) and the fewest on the road (8). They have the third-fewest sacrifice bunts (13) and third-fewest productive outs (104). The team is dead last (by a lot) in advancing a runner on second base with no outs (39%). They are 2nd in the league in HR/FB% at 10.1%. The Brewers are also 2nd in the NL in GB/FB ratio - they put the ball on the ground a lot.

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