Friday's Frosty Mug

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With bulletpoints!

It's time for a bulletpoint mug because my computer is being a jerk and making things difficult.

  • The Brewers lost to the Pirates again in a weird "Freaky Friday" switch. There is something wrong in the universe. This is not supposed to happen. Morineko has our recap.
  • Travis Snider hit his first home run in nine months yesterday and oh man did he make it worth it. Here are a couple of .gifs of that homer. I remember Prince Fielder hitting a similar moonshot in PNC a few years ago.
  • You want to keep talking about Jean Segura? We'll keep talking about Jean Segura! Matt Yallof at profiled the Brewers' shortstop and how he has overcome his short stature. Jonathan Mayo looks at prospect reports on Segura and how he has turned out.
  • Sick of Francisco Rodriguez already? Too bad! Todd Rosiak at the Journal-Sentinel says K-Rod is happy to be back with the Brewers after he turned down offers from two or three other teams. reports he had a chance to join a major league bullpen without the month-long minor league tryout.
  • The Brewers Bar defends Todd Rosiak and Tom Haudricourt as journalists after a reader in one of Rosiak's recent mailbags said they seem to act more like mouthpieces for the Brewers.
  • Adam Wieser has an article up at Disciples of Uecker looking at the Brewers "Central problem" and pointing out that the team has been held back by poor performances against teams within their division.
  • If you haven't yet, go read Nicole's article on the Brewers' new "Brewed for Her" event. You won't regret it.
  • Ben Lindbergh at Grantland has a great article up on pitch framing by catchers. As should any piece about framing, Jonathan Lucroy is a part of the piece. Here is what he says about Lucroy (though the whole article is a good read):

[Jose] Molina and Doumit are outliers; no one else comes close to costing his team as much per pitch as Doumit, and only Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy has approached Molina levels of framing effectiveness. (Lucroy has some advantages over Molina. He's 11 years younger and has a better bat, which allows him to stay in the lineup. Since his debut in 2010, he's saved almost twice as many runs due to framing as any other catcher, aside from Molina.)
  • Ken Rosenthal has a real interesting article on the recent prevalence of contract extensions and how they may effect the future of free agency.
  • Major League Baseball is planning a large expansion of instant replay for 2014. The article doesn't say exactly what that means, only that Bud Selig and Joe Torre hope to have proposals by August 14-15.
  • The MLB Draft bonus pool is going up this year with signing bonuses increasing by 8.2%.
  • If I had a starting/ending link, this would be one of them. D'awwwww.
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