Brewers reach 2000 HBPs

Hannah Foslien

(Despite my previous comment, plunk #2000 in Brewers history was actually Rickie Weeks' plunk last night, Segura had number 2001)

The Brewers have become the 19th team in Major League history to get hit by 2000 pitches after last night's three plunk game from Twins starter Samuel Deduno. It couldn't be more perfect that Rickie Weeks turned out to be the 2000th HBP recipient. Weeks has accounted for 5.5% of all Brewers plunks, with his record total of 110. The Brewers have been hit 1,103 times in games they won, 897 times in loses, and once in a tie. They have an all time record of 910-774 when hit by at least one pitch, while they're 2,454-2,908 when they don't get hit by a pitch. (This plunk total includes their year as the Seattle Pilots)

255 different batters have contributed to the Brewers 2001 plunks. The average age of a Brewers hit batter 29.05 years, and the average age of the pitchers who hit the Brewers is 28.79. The Brewers have been hit by pitchers born in 48 US states, but never by a pitcher born in Vermont or Wyoming. They've been hit 337 times on Sundays, and 337 times on Fridays, but only 221 times on Monday. They've been hit 52 times with the bases loaded, and twice they've had two RBI plunks in the same game (both times they were in the same inning, and once was back to back). Once, they had an RBI plunk for a walk off win. Batters who reached base on an HBP have score 522 runs for the Brewers.

Below is an incomplete list of the more notable plunks in the history of the Brewers franchise

  • #1 - April 8, 1969 - Jim McGlothlin (CAL) hit Don Mincher
  • #2 April 12, 1969 - Sammy Ellis (CHW) hit Rich Rollins - first plunk Pilots plunk in a home game (Sick's Stadium)
  • #35 April 10, 1970 - Jerry Janeski (CHW) hit Greg Goosen - first plunk since taking on the Brewers name. Janeski hit Goosen in the 1st and 5th inning of this game. Plunks number 35 and 36 were the first time a Brewer got hit twice in the same game.
  • #37 April 18, 1970 - Billy Wynne (CHW) hit Bobby Bolin - first Brewers plunk at County Stadium, and first Brewers plunk in Wisconsin
  • #39 May 1, 1970 - Jack Aker (NYY) hit Jerry McNertney - Aker became the first player who had taken a plunk for the Brewers franchise to hit a Brewer pitching for another team
  • #100 September 19, 1971 - Jim Roland (OAK) hit Johnny Briggs
  • #134 May 19, 1973 - Joe Coleman (DET) hit Ollie Brown - first Brewers plunk recorded by a Designated Hitter
  • #135 May 24, 1973 - Bill Lee (BOS) hit Ellie Rodriguez - this plunk made Rodriguez the first Brewer to get hit by a pitch on his birthday
  • #136 May 26, 1973 - Rudy May (CAL) hit Dave May - this was the only plunk in Brewers history where the pitcher and batter had the same last name. And it happened in May. Dave May got hit 5 times for the Brewers during the month of May, which is month number 5. And guess what uniform number May wore? Eleven. It's not a perfect world.
  • #156 July 10, 1973 - Steve Busby (KC) hit Ellie Rodriguez - this made Rodriguez the first Brewer to be hit 10 times in a season
  • #172 April 11, 1974 - Milt Wilcox (CLE) hit Robin Yount - Yount was the youngest Brewer ever plunked, at 18.57 years old.
  • #200 April 13, 1975 - Gaylord Perry (CLE) hit Sixto Lexcano
  • #203 May 14, 1985 - Jackie Brown (TEX) hit Don Money in the 15th inning with the bases loaded - latest RBI plunk in Brewers history. Tied for the latest non-RBI plunk as well.
  • #208 June 7, 1975 - Frank Tanana (CAL) hit Hank Aaron - This made Aaron the oldest Brewer ever hit by a pitch, at 41.33 years old.
  • #262 July 29, 1977 - Tom Murphy (TOR) hit Don Money - First Brewers plunk at a ballpark in Canada
  • #300 September 4, 1978 - Byron McLaughlin (SEA) hit Don Money
  • #400 May 18, 1983 - Roy Lee Jackson (TOR) hit Gorman Thomas
  • #402 May 22, 1983 - Gaylord Perry (SEA) hit Charlie Moore - first plunk by the Brewers as the road team in Seattle
  • #481 June 13, 1986 - Tim Lollar (BOS) hit Ernest Riles - this was the last time a Brewer got hit by a pitch in a game in which Don Baylor also got hit by a pitch (while Baylor was on his way to the American League record for plunks in a season)
  • #491 September 6, 1986 - Bryan Oelkers (CLE) hit Dale Sveum - the only time a Brewer has been plunked by a Spaniard.
  • #500 April 18, 1987 - Mitch Williams (TEX) hit Greg Brock
  • #566 April 14, 1989 - Joe Skalski (CLE) hit Charlie O'Brien - this was the Brewers only HBP against the Cleveland Indians at Country Stadium during the span of time when "Major League" was the number 1 movie in the US - a movie about the Indians, filmed at County Stadium.
  • #600 July 28, 1989 - Kenny Rogers (TEX) hit BJ Surhoff
  • #621 April 18, 1990 - Jamie Moyer (TEX) hit Dale Sveum - this was the first time Jamie Moyer plunked a Brewer
  • #651 May 23, 1991 - Efrain Valdez (CLE) hit Jim Gantner - Gantner's 50th plunk with the Brewers, making him the first Brewer to reach that total.
  • #700 September 30, 1992 - Tim Leary (SEA) hit Scott Fletcher
  • #800 August 5, 1995 - Jamie Moyer (BAL) hit BJ Surhoff
  • #825 April 2, 1996 -Mark Holzemer (CAL) hit Greg Vaughn - Vaughn was the fourth Brewer plunked in this game, making that the first of only two times the Brewers have been hit 4 times in one game
  • #900 June 27, 1997 - Kevin Appier (KC) hit Jeff Huson
  • #939 April 16, 1998 - Carlos Perez (MON) hit Vernando Vina - this HBP made Vina the first Brewer to get hit by a pitch on his birthday in two consecutive seasons
  • #940 April 16, 1998 - Shayne Bennett (MON) hit John Jaha - first plunk by a Brewers batter while facing a pitcher born in Australia
  • #984 August 5, 1998 - Kent Mercker (SLN) hit Fernando Vina - this made Vina the first Brewer to take 20 plunks in a single season
  • #992 August 24, 1998 - Sterling Hitchcock (SD) hit Fernando Vina - This was Vina's 53 plunk for the Brewers, putting him ahead of Jim Gantner for the franchise record.
  • #995 September 11, 1998 - Don Wengert (CHC) hit Fernando Vina - Vina established the Brewers single season record with this plunk, his 25th of the year.
  • #1000 April 13, 1999 - Javier Vazquez (MON) hit Fernando Vina
  • #1043 September 3, 1999 - Juan Acevedo (SLN) hit Mark Loretta - First and only walk off plunk in Brewers history
  • #1100 August 12, 2000 - Rick Ankiel (SLN) hit Geoff Jenkins
  • #1113 September 27, 2000 - Scott Sullivan (CIN) hit Geoff Jenkins - Last Brewers HBP at County Stadium
  • #1118 April 7, 2001 - Scott Winchester (CIN) hit Henry Blanco - first Brewers plunk in Miller Park
  • #1200 May 5, 2002 - AJ Burnett (FLO) hit Tyler Houston - this was also the Brewers 200th plunk on a Sunday
  • #1300 August 31, 2003 - Juan Cruz (CHC) hit Keith Ginter
  • #1323 May 31, 2004 - Eric Gagne (LAD) hit Scott Podsednik - Podsednik became the first Brewer ever to get hit by a pitch on the date of a total lunar eclipse with this plunk.
  • #1341 June 22, 2004 - Javier Lopez (COL) hit Lyle Overbay - 2nd consecutive RBI plunk in the game. Lopez hit Geoff Jenkins for an RBI for plunk 1340
  • #1397 May 23, 2005 - Shawn Chacon (COL) hit Geoff Jenkins - This was Jenkin's 59th plunk for the Brewers, putting him ahead of Fernando Vina for the franchise record
  • #1400 May 31, 2005 - Jake Peavy (SD) hit Junior Spivey
  • #1500 July 21, 2006 - Elizardo Ramirez (CIN) hit Prince Fielder
  • #1511 August 17, 2006 - Jason Hirsch (HOU) hit Prince Fielder - This was the last time a Brewers batter got hit by a pitch in the same game as Craig Biggio. It was number 281 for Biggio four innings after Fielder got his 7th.
  • #1530 September 21, 2006 - Matt Morris (SF) hit Dave Bush - Bush becomes the only Brewer with the same last name as the sitting President of the United States to be hit by a pitch. (Bush also had number 1545)
  • #1600 September 12, 2007 - Shawn Chacon (PIT) hit Damian Miller
  • #1676 September 19, 2008 - Ramon Ramirez (CIN) hit Jason Kendall - That was Kendall's 231st, which put him ahead of Dan McGann for 6th place on the all time HBP list.
  • #1689 April 21, 2009 - Jamie Moyer (PHI) hit Prince Fielder - the last plunk by a Brewers batter facing Jamie Moyer
  • #1694 April 27, 2009 - Jesse Chavez (PIT) hit Jason Kendall - this was Kendall's first plunk against the Pirates, and that made him just the 2nd player ever to get plunked by all 30 teams
  • #1700 May 17, 2009 - Todd Wellemeyer (SLN) hit Manny Parra
  • #1735 August 26, 2009 - Kip Wells (CIN) hit Jason Kendall - Kendall's 243rd career plunk, tying him with Ron Hunt for 5th place all time
  • #1736 August 26, 2009 - Jared Burton (CIN) hit Jason Kendall - Kendall's 244th career plunk (2 innings after number 243), moving him ahead of Ron Hunt for 5th place on the all time career HBP list.
  • #1775 May 25, 2010 - Chris Sampson (HOU) hit Joe Inglett - this was the 100th time the Astros hit the Brewers, making them the first franchise to plunk 100 Brewers
  • #1800 July 21, 2010 - Zach Duke (PIT) hit Prince Fielder
  • #1814 August 15, 2010 - Huston Street (COL) hit Rickie Weeks - this was Weeks 20th plunk of the season. Prince Fielder reached 20 plunks four days earlier, making them the only Brewers teammates in history to get hit 20 times each. They were the first teammates in 99 years to each break 20 HBPs in the same season.
  • #1831 October 1, 2010 - Travis Wood (CIN) hit Rickie Weeks - this gave Weeks 25 HBPs for the season, tying him with Fernando Vina for the club record for plunks in a season
  • #1899 May 11, 2012 - Matt Garza (CHC) hit Rickie Weeks - This plunk gave Rickie Weeks the Brewers franchise record, moving him ahead of Geoff Jenkins.
  • #1900 April 27, 2012 - Jake Westbrook (SLN) hit Alex Gonzalez
  • #1931 June 23, 2012 - Dylan Axelrod (CHW) hit Rickie Weeks - Weeks becomes first Brewer to be plunked 100 times
  • #1978 October 2, 2012 - Logan Ondrusek (CIN) hit Norichika Aoki - this was the Brewers 90th plunk of the season, making the 2012 season their best ever for getting hit by pitches
  • #2000 May 29, 2012 - Samuel Deduno (MIN) hit Rickie Weeks
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