Biogenesis, Ryan Braun, and what we know at this point

There is a ton of opinions flying around about the entire BioGenesis scandal. What hasn't happened to my knowledge is a summary timeline of what Braun's link to the clinic is, and how the story has progressed. So I'll attempt to do so here. If I miss something, please provide that in the comments. Here we go:

On January 31st, the Miami New Herald published it's 3 month investigation into Anthony Bosch's closed Biogenesis clinic. Braun was not named in the detailed initial reporting. Bosch also denied any links to MLB or players at the time.

On February 5th, Jeff Passan of Yahoo News reported that Ryan Braun was indeed named in the BioGenesis documents. His name was listed in the BioGenesis file next to the dollar figure of "20-30k". In that story, Braun explained that his legal team used Bosch as a consultant in his defense for his defense of his playoff positive test in 2011. Braun's lead attorney, David Cornwell, stated that he found "Bosch's value to be negligible" in building the case for Braun's defense. A member of Braun's defense team, Christopher Lyons, was named multiple times in Bosch's documents, though the relationship was not known until the next day

On February 6th, Tom Verducci of SI reported that Lyons' connection to Bosch stemmed from representing tennis player Wayne Odesnik. Odesnik's name appeared multiple times in Bosch's notes, and was found guilty by the ATP of taking PEDs and suspended for a year.

On February 16th, Teri Thompson, Michael O'Keefe, and Bill Madden of the New York Daily News reported Braun's name appeared again in the BioGenesis files next to the dollar figure "1500". Another Braun attorney, Martin Singer, claimed:

Braun’s attorney, Martin Singer, told ESPN that there are several witnesses who will confirm that Braun used Bosch as a consultant as he fought the MLB suspension, eventually winning when an arbitrator ruled that his urine sample had been mishandled by a specimen collector. He said the “1500” figure was for money Bosch was trying to collect for the consultation.

On March 14th, Chuck Strouse of the Miami New Times outlined in an editorial why they were not turning over their documents to MLB, specifically Rob Manfred and Pat Courtney who visited the New Times' offices. Their reasoning included 1) handing documents over to an organization with a shady past (weak in my opinion), and 2) compromising the safety and anonymity of a source (legitimate)

On March 19th, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that Braun is MLB's Public Enemy #1. Still smarting from their defeat in his appeal, Nightengale's sources told him that MLB is "relentless in their pursuit, trying to make life miserable for him."

On Marcy 22nd, Thompson, O'Keefe, Madden, and Christian Red of the Daily News reported that the MLB Filed a lawsuit for “intentional and unjustified tortious interference" with contracts between MLB and its players by providing them with banned substances. MLB claimed in their suit that,

"Bosch and the other defendants 'participated in a scheme to solicit Major League Players to purchase or obtain, and/or to sell, supply or otherwise make available to Major League Players, substances that the Defendants knew were prohibited under MLB's Joint Prevention and Treatment Program.'"

On April 30th, Thompson and O'Keefe of the Daily News reported that Bosch corroborated Braun's story in an interview with ESPN (I could not find that interview on ESPN's website). Bosch said, "“I just answered a few questions from his legal team, not from Braun or any other ballplayer.”

Yesterday, ESPN's TJ Quinn, Pedro Gomez, and Mike Quinn reported that MLB reached an agreement with Bosch to testify against the players. According to the report, MLB will be seeking to use the testimony from Bosch to suspend Braun and Alex Rodriguez for 100 games, and 20 other players at least 50 games in violation of MLB's PED policy. (Note: this leak came from the MLB offices which is a violation of MLB's joint drug agreement, similar to the leak of Braun's suspension before his appeal.)

Today, Thompson, O'keefe, Madden, and Red of the New York Daily News reported that Bosch agreed to terms with MLB only after he reached out to A-Rod asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars. MLB's agreement with Bosch included:

Dropping the lawsuit MLB filed against him earlier this year and paying his legal bills, indemnifying him for any civil liability that arises from his cooperation and providing him with personal security.

That brings us to now. I have my own conclusions drawn about this mess, but Kyle summed it up pretty well in his opinion. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

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