Brewers ineffectively wild, lose to Diamondbacks 5-3

Norm Hall

You probably weren't watching this. If you were, you should have turned it off after the Gomez homer.

W: Wade Miley (6-7)
L: Jim Henderson (3-3)
S: Brad Ziegler (2)

HR: Jonathan Lucroy (12), Carlos Gomez (14)

MVP: Juan Francisco (.092)
LVP: Jim Henderson (-.310 WPA)

win expectancy graph / box score

Jonathan Lucroy got the offense party started with an absolute bomb of a baseball to center field in the first inning for a two-run home run. Unfortunately after that the run-scoring aspects of the offense kind of...stopped. Carlos Gomez hit a home run to shallowish left in the 3rd but that was it for the runs.

Yovani Gallardo was full of groundball power tonight. 11 of his recorded ball-in-play outs were ground ball outs, compared to 3 fly outs. Some of the balls to the outfield that were fair were slightly in the ground nature, like one Aoki missed. Carlos Gomez and Logan Schafer had difficulty getting untangled from each other's route in the 5th, leading to a 2-run triple for Martin Prado.

The game was tied at 3 until Jim Henderson entered the game and promptly forgot how to locate home plate in the 8th. He walked one batter intentionally (the persistently dangerous-to-Brewers Paul Goldschmidt) and 3 unintentionally. He probably would have accidentally walked Goldschmidt anyway, but that's still a really bad call. John Axford had his usual-for-2013 perfect 7th inning. Hmm.

Really, it's like the horribly interfering effect of all these wireless signals in my building on my Roku is saving me from watching any of this horrible baseball as all the Diamondbacks runs came while I couldn't get an Internet connection. However, I had to listen to Uecker and Block describe it which is slightly better.

Join us tomorrow (or don't) as Tom Gorzelanny matches up against Patrick Corbin at 8:40. Khris Davis will be joining the team tomorrow as well to fill in for Ryan Braun. HEY, PROSPECTS!!!! (BTW, Rob Wooten picked up his 18th save tonight for Nashville. Also hmmm.)

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