Ryan Braun's future wife

The title of this post is cheating. Shame on me, but it also speaks to my point.

Braun strived for perfect body athleticism and never lacked confidence. Braun's future wife Larisa Fraser did the same. And they both kicked ass in their own way and she still does, but they both maybe suffered from an old craving for that strange brew of dog testicles and what not to stall old age.

The doctor scientist types have been seeking a substance since 1889 or 1754 or whenever. What about Gilgamesh's quest for immortality? Sounds like cheating death and maintaining performance levels to me.

I'm not condoning what Braun did if he did anything. I'm still not clear what he did? But what I am saying is that we now have the technology and synthetics to do what we've been trying to do since the first dance and we do it through plastic surgery, Viagra, steroids, bio genesis.

I have a problem with movie stars stretching skin for millions and then reaping financial and Grammy awards and no one saying a damn thing, but baseball players? Oh, that's a sin.

Braun is just a face who plays a sport that fans and media raise up to sacred and scrutinize more than priests and politicians. Maybe Braun is now in a position to be even larger than life if he digs deep and forgives himself and goes forward and faces the music and still performs as one of baseball's best players, all under a red hot and ridiculous spotlight. Yeh, a never say die attitude is not bad for kids to see.

I refuse to sit behind my smug computer and spew judgment and hate. That's too easy. That's cheating.

I'd like to see Skip Schumaker skip down the aisle with rotten vegetables being tossed his way and still slash an opposite field double come opening day 2014.

Braun has my sympathy because it's easy to be perfect and be loved by everyone, but a bitch to be the devil.

Don't get me wrong. Whoever cheats and lies or whatever should be suspended the same way I was when I stole some rubber balls for the stick ball game we called strikeout. I'm talking about the rest of Braun's life and baseball days.

Death and fear of bad performance makes people do stupid things and then they lie about it. It's always following us around. That extra beer I thought would get me saying something funny never got the girl. I ended up drooling on my self and then did something even more stupid, but then I got smart and went home before last call.

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