BCB Fantasy Football Team Naming Post

Playing the fantasy football season is a blast, as is reading the recaps. But let's be honest, this post right here is everyone's favorite post of the year.

It is also THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR SEASON. A good team name can set the stage for you to go into your draft with confidence, and thus DOMINATE YOUR LEAGUE! Now you may not always win your league, but what you can do is win the BEST FANTASY TEAM NAME right out of the gate, and thus have that to lord over your buddies, or fellow blog commenters. What are the elements of a good team name? I'm glad I asked myself this:

1. It's easily understood- This is a top element of a great team name. Obscure references to tv shows no one watches (like a burn notice reference) won't get much traction. However, if your team name instantly takes a person to the reference (like Somebody that I used to So'oto), then you are successful. Good things to reference are things from Parks n Rec, Archer, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, 80s songs, early 90s songs, and songs currently playing on the radio, current movie references (though it better be something that it's safe to assume everyone has seen, no one will get an After Earth reference), and recent NFL news as well (though be careful on the Aaron Hernandez stuff, that's a little too soon and too sad to go with. Titus young on the other hand...)

2. It is football related- I posted a list in the sign up sheet with a bunch of fantasy team names that do not make the cut. We all love baseball here (we have to since we follow the dumpster fire that is the Brewers), but this is a football league, and thus needs to be football related. This eliminates any great fantasy baseball names (Yuni'd to leave, Let me see Rock Flavored Spit!), but opens up a whole new world to you.

3. It's funny, clever, or gross- These are the easiest elements. You know if you have a good name if you can make yourself laugh. If you feel good about the name, it seems to flow, and you can pass the standards, you are great.

4. It's original- Check out this list. These are the top 200 used fantasy team names in 2012. If your team name is on this list, or a derivative of your team name, then you are not original. I don't want to see any Show me your TDs or TDs and Beer or Favre Dollar Foot Longs. These are boring. Same with Revis and Butthead. Put some effort in, it's your team, make it's name reflect you.

5. It fits- ESPN (where we run the leagues) has a character limit of 30, broken down into two 15 character segments. Your team name must fit. for example You Bilicheck Yourself before You Rex Yourself may be awesome, but it doesn't fit, so you can't use it.

Most of you are already familiar with the rules. I do the judgments, but if I question it, my wife is the final arbiter. I'll approve or tell you to keep working in the comments. In the past, you all have allowed me the fake power to not allow you to use a crap team name, and I appreciate that. So I'll continue abusing that power. Come up with a nice list. I'll get to you.

Speaking of which, here's my list:

Titus Young's Rollover Minutes


What Would Jones Drew

Kalil Me Maybe

Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi (This name is everywhere, nevermind)

4th of Juluau

shut your d*ck Holster

A Fish called Germaine

So get on it gentlemen. Feel free to get your inspiration from wherever you choose! But follow those guidelines and you'll have a killer fantasy team name.

It seems this has gotten off to a slow start, so I'll bring over the names from last year to give you inspiration:

Magic Mike McCarthy, Sanchez's Lil Black Yearbook, CAM I wish I was your lover, Sandusky's Little Giants, Saints 10K Sack Attack, Man getting hit by football, The Duke Silver Experience, Soapin Up with Jerry's Kids, Somebody I Used to So'Oto, The Rusty Zombones, Lil Sabastian Janikowski, JoPa's Blind Eye.

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